Out of RhythmRating: 2.5 stars
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Length: Novella

It was an honor just to be nominated, thinks Gemma, after her band’s first album was recognized for a prestigious Australian music award. They are tagged as one of the hottest bands on the rise, but life for all the band members is unsettled. Returning home after a six-month tour, Gemma has to face the band members who are struggling with their second album, and her family who doesn’t understand her desire to be a rock star. Then, there is her best friend Kirsten.

Before going on tour, Gemma kissed Kirsten. Kirsten promptly freaked out and the girls have not spoken since. Gemma knows she likes girls, but has no one she can talk to about her feelings, as her go to person was Kirsten. Kirsten missed Gemma while she was gone, but she can’t reconcile if she missed her friend or the promise of something more. Kirsten is confused, Gemma’s feelings are hurt, and a lifetime of friendship has been forever altered. As the girls attempt to repair their relationship, another kiss may just lead to the start of something much more.

Out of Rhythm is a f/f story that kicks off the Face the Music series, and will be followed by m/f books for the remainder of the series. Friends to lovers (or in this case friends with intent to date) set within a rock band is the type of book that calls to me. The story opened strong with Gemma at a crossroads between her band, family issues, and her feelings for her best friend Kirsten. However, this story overall just never pulled me in and one reason was the choppy feel to the writing. As the first book in the series, this story felt like it was just the set-up and introduction of what was to come in future installments, as there is a reasonable amount of time dedicated to other characters. The time we do get to spend with Gemma and Kirsten is foremost about them repairing their friendship. Gemma references her “lust” for Kirsten several times, but those feelings just did not come across. The girls have zero chemistry and while sexual tension is talked about, it does not translate off of the page. And, we are not given resolution on Kirsten, as there was not enough time in this novella. Kirsten’s attraction to Gemma and what she is really looking for is not clearly defined by the end of the book. When the girls decide to date, it is just a possible beginning for them. The publisher has categorized this book as a New Adult where the characters are not in college, however it had more of a YA feel.

I was really intrigued by the premise of this book, enough to pick it up and choose to read it. It did not meet my expectations for two friends falling in love and also fell short with two friends just circling around each other trying to repair their friendship

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