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Simon is the written voice behind a popular magazine’s sexual advice column. He has a quick and sometimes humorous answer to all of his readers’ questions, in addition to offering advice on how to find the right person. Simon, however, has a hard time navigating his own love life and keeps choosing the wrong one. Until, issues with his computer leads to Benji from IT support coming to help him out. Benji is cute, sweet, and really into Simon. A weekend away has Simon making a mess out of his chances with Benji. Now if he can only redeem himself as he realizes too late that Benji is Mr. Right.

Spice is a cute and fun story all the way around. It has a bit of a different form than some of the traditional romances out there. With this story, the conflict and angst with these guys is fairly resolved halfway through the book. What we get for the rest of the story is Simon and Benji being in love and working on enhancing their relationship. What this consists of is coming up with ideas for Simon’s column. I’ll explain a little further.

In the beginning of the story, Simon writes an advice column. As the story progresses and Simon himself evolves, we can see his ideas and answers evolving as well. Once Simon and Benji are secure in a relationship, Simon begins writing a new column on how to keep the spice in your relationship. This part then consists of the pair making a sex tape (just for themselves), sexting (or trying to), and trying out a whole variety of topics to share with the readers. And, when Benji wants to take their relationship to the next level, although parts leading up to this were not completely clear, his final idea is so heartfelt and appropriate for their relationship. There is great banter between the guys and some pretty substantial heat.

Although the book is longer, there were some time jumps that skipped over some more significant parts of their relationship. There were also parts in the middle that did slow down some and could have been streamlined. The ideas for the column were entertaining, although some more than others, and having them one after the other sometimes had the story losing focus of where it was going. What worked in this was that Benji and Simon were just regular guys that really loved each other. It was sweet when one of the guys would just take a step back and admire all of the things they loved about the other. Simon always wanted true love and the guys really appreciated each other when they found it. Overall, this was cute, sweet, and light. This is the author’s second book and I will definitely keep my eyes open for what she has coming up next.

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