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Deviant is a hardcore member of the Outlaw MC of Mars. He has a painful past, the kind that time does not heal, and his behavior is volatile and unpredictable. The men of the MC are the only family he has left, yet he remains a loner. When a group of women, whom the government only uses for breeding, takes a stand against the government, the club has a chance to expand. Deviant is then tasked with the job of training them and they are being hidden in Tage’s home.

Deviant is completely thrown by the buttoned up Tage. He is a complete contradiction to Deviant as Tage is constantly blushing and Deviant’s demeanor has Tage stammering and repeatedly dropping the dishes. Deviant knows better than to fall in love for he has lost everyone he has ever loved and that’s the kind of pain he is not looking forward to repeating. He doesn’t need love and the weakness that he thinks comes with it when he can just have plenty of sex whenever he wants. He’s not even all that friendly; he’s fine with that, and his focus is taking down the government. But Tage has gotten so far under Deviant’s skin so quickly that the entire MC club is taking a second look.

Behavior Problem is book three in the Outlaw MC series and this series gets better with each book. We are at the point now where the books should be read in order, but the prologue will offer a quick overview of the larger plot. Deviant has a background filled with some serious issues going on. He is filled with wounds that won’t heal and his eight years in prison have only made him angrier. Deviant has a hard hitting style and prefers to live life on his own terms. He has little patience and the first time he sees Tage, although he thinks the man is attractive, he just can’t be bothered with him.

There is a great contrast between the wild style of Deviant and the more polished persona of Tage. This leads to some entertaining as well as scorching interactions and there is plenty of lust and insta-love going on here. Deviant does manage to have his own brand of sweet talk and when he is with Tage his thoughts run to, “The way he chanted my name was like a fucking wish on a shooting star.” One of things that I am really enjoying about this series is the way Cox has captured these men. They are hard core, alpha men on a mission to change society. Yet, Cox gives each of them a subtle amount of tenderness and personal insight in private, which offers a great balance for the characters.

The larger plot line of overthrowing the government continues here as well and there are new secondary characters that really add to the overall story. We visit again with Outlaw and Lover from book two and the author just had to go and mess with them. Their story line was presented in a way that it could be an overreaching story arc that could continue throughout the remainder of the series and would then tie all of the books together.

The previous books in the series were more polished than this one, as this book, and especially the second half of this book, had random typos that could be distracting. The story, like all of the books so far in the series, was fast paced. I could have used some more toward the end or a little more relationship development for them here since Deviant and Tage were just meeting and the ending was their beginning. But, on the other side, this book is not a full length novel and delivers exactly what it says it will.

I was interested in this series from the first two books and this book has definitely solidified that I will be seeing this series all the way through. There will be eight books in total with the installments being released once a month. From the hard hitting writing style swirled with a touch of tenderness, to the men that fight and love with everything they have, Behavior Problem, and the previous two books in the series, are an all around entertaining read.

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