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Boystown (Season Three) has the story picking up after the New Year’s Eve explosion of Season Two. As the injured and the survivors deal with the aftermath, lives will be forever changed.

Jesse Morgan’s scheme to break up his mother’s marriage did not go exactly as planned. He has lost way more than he thought was possible, which sends Logan back to the bottle and also sends Ben on a path of control and destruction. Max and Emmett work to get their restaurant open despite many obstacles pulling them in all directions. The feud between the Mancini and Ciancio families has escalated with no end in sight and the search for the newly discovered fourth Mancini brother is on. Keith is in a stable relationship with Michael, yet his past comes calling with a vengeance to destroy his future as Rachel is set on blackmail to get exactly what she wants. Joyelle may finally see just what her husband Derek has been up to and Tyler is ready to help her in any way that he can. While Derek is trying to hold onto both Joyelle and Cole, David is so ready to occupy Cole’s time. Add in a few new members to the Boystown family and the last episode ends with a fundraiser that will leave you breathless.

Boystown Season Three has finally arrived. I will just mark this entire review as a spoiler, although I will not go into too much of the details of the season. Each season is built upon the one previous and every word spoken has the opportunity to give something away. The book stays true to the theme of the series and reads like a scripted TV show. There is less reality here and all nighttime drama as the characters act and react in the manner that the script demands them to. It’s entertaining, it’s fast paced, it’s way over the top at times, and there is revenge, love, lust, scheming, and blackmail.

There is so much going on, yet despite the frenetic pace, Biondi is once again able to keep up with every story line as they weave together and overlap. It’s true dramatic angst where no one is allowed to be happy for long. The characters make questionable decisions time and again as they take their actions further with each episode. Speaking of episodes, the season is once again divided into episodes, which should be a place to potentially take a break, but the writing and highly charged atmosphere becomes so addictive that the entire season is over way too soon.

It’s the style of the story that some characters that were favorites last season become questionable and some characters that were not as favored become more likable and it’s a true ensemble piece with an entire variety of characters. It was so well done how the scenes would shift so quickly yet the writing remained so streamlined. The writing continues to be clever as each character has a connection to the next that is remarkably easy to follow. There are also new characters introduced that have story lines that were not fully developed and there are a lot of questions left to be answered and stories left to be told.

The story overall does tend to revolve at times around Max and Emmett, as many story lines lead back to them. Yet, their relationship and interactions in this season were not as vibrant as in the past and the female characters were either unstable or had blinders on so there is that. While emotions ran high throughout the entire season, the intimate relationships between the couples were not as emotional or developed and felt less personal. This may been due to the intense pace of the atmosphere that lasted throughout all of the pages and that is more of an observation in comparing this season to the previous two.

I am really enjoying this entire series of books. There is not much else like it in this genre and it fills the space of a TV drama captured between the pages of a book where the characters can be as devious as they desire simply because they are written that way. This season ends in yet another cliffhanger, which was fully expected. Boystown is definitely a break from reality and recommended for a fast paced, high angst drama.

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