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Eros was originally published as a serial one episode at a time. The first season, which consists of five episodes, is all now available. The series follows Adrian as he meets and falls for a male escort named Eros. Each episode, which should be read in order, is the length of a short story. The series overall is heavier on sex, lighter on plot, and offers an erotic story that is easy to read.


The Evening Star (#1)

Adrian Wilkes is trying to make it as an actor in California and has had some success. His personal life has not been as successful and he is not really into one night stands. His friend Terry takes Adrian to a strip club that is known for its hot male escort and treats Adrian to a night with the dancer. Adrian has all kinds of doubts, but is instantly entranced by the young performer who goes by the name Eros.

The first story sets us up with Adrian making his way to the club. We are not offered much back story on Adrian, as this episode, and the series as a whole, is about his relationship with Eros. Although Adrian is uncomfortable with the thought of spending the night with an escort, when he first sees Eros he is completely captivated and thinks, “If seduction needed a spokesperson this boy would be at the top of the list.” Eros is described as beautiful, has the type of presence that captivated the entire club, and it was an intriguing start for his character. The remainder of this episode is the men meeting and spending the night together. The author does a good job here of displaying the attraction between the men, the heated connection they share, and then hinting that Eros has more to offer than meets the eye.

Turning The Tables (#2)

It was supposed to be one hot night. But the morning after has Adrian not wanting to say goodbye to Eros. He can clearly see that there is so much more to Eros, but Eros has a past that he is hiding behind. Once the two part ways, Adrian cannot stop thinking about Eros and visits him at the club again the next night. Now all Adrian has to do is make Eros want him as much as he wants Eros, which may not be that hard to do at all.

This episode is entitled Turning the Tables and that is exactly what Adrian sets out to do. He wants Eros to want him back and he wants Eros to be thinking about him as well. Since Eros has no way of contacting him, he goes to Eros. This scenario is all about Adrian going to see Eros at work to entice him. Well…he does a bit more than just entice him. He wants to know what turns Eros on and engages in some dirty talk to see what buttons he can push. Adrian wants Eros to remember him, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem as these guys are already so into each other, even in public. This episode then ends with the beginnings of Eros’ persona coming down to reveal the man behind as we are set up for more to come.

A Glimpse Beneath (#3)

When Eros, who’s real name is Jamie, calls Adrian, Adrian brings Jamie back to his apartment. Wanting Jamie to feel comfortable and just hang out is easier said than done as Jamie is used to everyone just wanting to have sex with him. When Jamie spends the night, the persona he hides behind starts to crack, further exposing the scared boy he is hiding inside.

At the end of the second episode, we learn Eros’ real name as he reaches out to Adrian. Adrian wants to show Jamie that he wants to spend time with him, but Jamie cannot understand why. A few beers have Jamie relaxing and the men find yet a third location to continue their sexual exploration. Adrian, however, wants to take care of Jamie and make him feel wanted. This is the first glimpse we get of how different Jamie is from his confident persona of Eros and he is shy and scared and alone. When Adrian invites Jamie to spend the night, Jamie’s nightmares have him convinced that he is nothing but trouble for Adrian, but Adrian does not give up that easily.

A Disturbing Truth (#4)

The morning after their night together in Adrian’s home has Jamie feeling uncomfortable and running scared. When a week goes by without contact, Adrian goes to the club to see Jamie. Once there, Adrian sees just what Jamie has to encounter in his line of work and steps in to save Jamie from a violent encounter. As the secrets Jamie has been hiding begin to unravel, will he continue to push Adrian away?

Adrian thinks that he has finally gotten through some of Jamie’s defenses. But, while the morning shower sex is not a problem for either one of them, as Adrian tries to get emotionally closer to Jamie, Jamie runs. Adrian finally gets an up close and personal look of what Jamie endures on a daily basis and a brief look into his past. When Adrian steps up to protect Jamie, it did read as bit hesitant. It seemed Adrian could have stepped in a lot sooner to avoid Jamie getting injured, rather than engaging in all the internal musings that went on. This episode also could have also been a great time for us to really get into Jamie’s story. However, the author only gives us the briefest of details and when Jamie states he doesn’t want to go into it further; we are left to draw some of our own conclusions. While it is clear that Jamie feels completely and utterly alone, it would have been the perfect opportunity for further character development on Jamie. As it stands, we are offered a bit of his background, but there were not a lot of details given and I was interested in hearing more of his story.

This episode had the most dialogue of all the episodes up to this point. Some of the dialogue was awkward and did not have the best flow to it. Once the guys made it out of bed, the writing did lose of the impact that was originally offered. The connection between the men, due to some of the dialogue, had the effect of weakening their connection instead of strengthening it at this point in the story. Adrian’s character also became harder to figure out here as he wanted to help Jamie, but then lets so many days pass in between seeking him out. A bit more character development here would have gone a long way.

Leap of Faith (#5)

When Jamie is released from the hospital, Adrian is there to offer him a ride home and a conversation about Jamie’s future has Jamie’s defenses back in place. After a long week and yet another encounter at work, Jamie may just be ready to make some life altering changes.

This episode opens directly after the encounter at the club and Jamie’s subsequent medical visit. Adrian really wants to help Jamie make a better life for himself, but Jamie just doesn’t believe that someone would help him without asking for anything in return. First, Jamie says that he is caught so deep that he cannot find his way out. The next scene then shows him making big changes, but his thought process is not gone into in any detail. The conversations again had a stilted feeling that was not as smooth flowing as the intimate scenes. The men make some decisions together, find their way back to the bedroom, and we are left with a happy for now.


Overall, I enjoyed this series for the burst of erotic entertainment it was intended to be.  The intimate scenes were well done and while plentiful, moved the story along as it connected the characters in various scenarios and showed their relationship evolving. Some additional character development would have interested me as well. Some of the wording at times did pull me out of the story with descriptions of “member,” “manhood,” and “phallus.” Also, the men were often described in various terms, such as the “younger man,” “older man,” “driver,” and “passenger” to name a few. As the story progressed and we were familiar with the characters, it tended to over complicate things a bit from my view. As a whole, I felt the entire series could have used a polishing as a character “wrapped” on a door instead of “rapped” and the word “lushus” appeared, to offer two examples. The highlight of the series was the well written intimate scenes between two interesting characters and if you are looking for a shorter erotic series, this could be a direction to look into.

A final word on the cover: This cover is a prime example of not judging a book by its cover. The men on the cover resemble wax figures, not real people. If I had seen the cover before reading the series, I may have taken a pass. So, try and get past that to the story inside.

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