No Place That FarRating: 4.5 stars
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Marcus is still raw from his recent divorce when he attends the wedding of his friends Chris and Julien. He’s instantly attracted to Timur, Julien’s best man, and finds he cannot look away from the hulking Ukrainian man. When Timur starts flirting with him after the ceremony, the two cannot keep their hands off each other and sneak out for a quickie.but once didn’t quite satisfy the two.

Timur has served in the French Foreign Legion for 10 years and plans on continuing for the next five years to get his pension. When he hooks up with Marcus at the wedding, he tells Marcus that this relationship will only last a month while he is pet-sitting for the newlyweds. The two agree to a month of dinners, sightseeing, and sex.

Despite knowing this was a temporary arrangement, Marcus finds himself falling in love with Timur. He doesn’t want to see him leave, yet, he is afraid to ask him to stay and risk having another man in his life who he held back from achieving their own dreams.

This is the fifth book in the Distance Between Us series and can be read as a standalone novel. This series keeps getting better and better. Marcus, our narrator, walked away from his life as a promising chef to swing drinks at Wilde’s when his marriage fell apart. Unlike many other romance novels where the ex-spouse is portrayed as a villain, we meet Marcus’ ex and find that he is a likeable person and that he doesn’t blame Marcus for the marriage falling apart. We find that he genuinely wants Marcus to be happy. Yet, it is Marcus who thinks he needs to punish himself because he allowed his marriage to fail. He is also determined not to ruin another man’s life.

Timur had nothing keeping him in the Ukraine when he enlisted in the French Foreign Legion. With the exception of his friend and occasional lover, Julien, Timur is determined to finish his 15 years and collect a pension. Yet, when he arrives at his best friend’s wedding, he begins to see that there is more to life than being in the service. Can he convince Marcus that he is worth taking another chance at love for?

This is a fast paced story with steamy sex scenes–at times I thought my kindle was going to overheat they were so hot. I should mention, there is also a very erotic encounter involving Marcus and Timur with the newlyweds that will leave you panting for more. I will admit, having read the entire series, I was a bit surprised to see Julien and Chris, engaging in the foursome. This doesn’t mean I am complaining, just pointing it out that it wasn’t something I expected. But then looking back at it, I realize the hints were there that there was much more to the relationship with Timur and Julien than I previously thought.

Overall, this series is not to be missed, and this book is the best of the series hands down. These writers are amazing together. Great story line, interesting characters, and plenty of pizzazz to keep readers begging for more.

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