Rubble and the Wreckage: A Gabriel Church Tale #1Rating: 4.75 stars
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Gabriel Church has killed dozens of people and eluded police for years because he doesn’t fit the typical serial killer profile as an opportunistic killer. He’s convinced God shows him who to kill by illuminating them with a white light above their heads. Oozing sexuality and self-confidence, a deadly combination, Gabriel draws his victims to him, and they follow him like sheep headed for slaughter. Now years after his first murder, Gabriel realizes that the taking of another life no longer gives him the “thrill” it once used to. So when writer, Christian Maxwell, approaches him about telling his story, Gabriel decides its time.

Christian majored in creative writing and psychology in college and dreams of writing a book combining the two. Set on writing the story of a serial killer before the subject is arrested so that they can tell the whole story uninfluenced by police and lawyers, Christian researches and seeks out the elusive murderer by applying his own knowledge about the killer to predict where and who he may kill next.

When Christian and Gabriel meet, Christian struggles to maintain objectivity when he finds himself drawn to a killer. As they become friends, then lovers, Christian finds himself falling in love with a serial killer. Can Christian convince Gabriel to give up his murdering ways, or was this relationship doomed from the start?

I have to admit, I’ve always been fascinated by serial killers. I watch tv shows about them, both documentary and fictionalized. They are the monsters who walk amongst us. To be completely honest with you, after reading the blurb I was hesitant to read this book. The idea of reading a book about someone falling for a serial killer was way outside my comfort zone, yet this book is so well written that I found myself falling for Gabriel despite knowing everything he’s done.

Nose in a book and a loner, Christian was voted most likely to be a school shooter by his fellow students in high school and college. Coming from a wealthy family and blessed with good looks, he managed to escape being totally ostracized in high school, but was always on the outside looking in. In college he excelled in psychology, but he didn’t want to be stuck listening to other people’s problems for the rest of his life so he focused on creative writing. When he decides to write a book from a serial killer’s point of view, he becomes so immersed in the mind of a killer that he is able not only to predict who the next victim might be, but also where the killer is going to strike next with shocking accuracy.

Gabriel’s killings have lost their thrill, and he’s determined that it’s time to confess his story. As Gabriel recounts his life and the murders, Christian finds that despite the evil that lurks within Gabriel, he has redeeming qualities. As the two become friends and lovers, I found myself rooting that Christian could convince Gabriel to walk away from his “calling” and start a new life, one with Christian.

The sex scenes between these two men are fairly tame and surprisingly romantic and sensual rather than erotic. For two men who’ve never had homosexual relations before, they were not hesitant to let that stand in their way. Readers should know that there is also m/f sex in the book, though it plays into the story line.

The ending was not what I was expecting. The first in the series, this book does not leave readers hanging until the next book comes out…though the door is open for more to come.

The only downside of this book is the cover! It’s not the type of cover that screams “read me.” I think something that depicted both characters and maybe the religious undertones of the book would have been more appropriate and appealing.

A psychological thriller, this book was a page turner from beginning to end. I highly recommend Rubble and Wreckage.

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