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Jacob isn’t happy, yet he’s not particularly unhappy either. After his boyfriend cheated on him, he hasn’t gotten back into the dating game.  He doesn’t love his job, yet he’s fine with it and it pays the bills. As Jacob delivers luxury cars to their new owners, he is often on the road. His latest trip will take him from Illinois to California and a few days in the sun may be just what he needs.

A hitchhiker is the last thing Jacob expects to see. But there is Cain, braving the harsh winter elements looking for a ride. Cain is confident, gorgeous, fun and lives the opposite to Jacob’s structured life. Without a real plan in place, 20-year old Cain is escaping the confining life his parents have all mapped out for him.

The guys hit it off instantly and Jacob is at once attracted to Cain. But Jacob knows better than to fall for a supposedly straight guy. There are many miles to go and it may be the journey they both need, more than the destination.

Jacob is our narrator here for this story and we get caught up on his current life quickly. The Hitchhiker is classified as a novel, but at just over 100 pages it is a shorter one. Jacob is a regular guy still trying to find his way and on impulse he picks up Cain. The guys immediately hit it off and their banter, although immature at times, is immediate. This book reads an erotic fantasy piece of what happens when you travel with a hot guy across the country. It has a throw-caution-to-the wind-feel as Jacob invites Cain to travel the entire way with him and share his hotel room. That is the only way this book works, with that fantasy thought in mind.

There is not a lot of character development here. Cain is trying to escape the life his parents are constructing for him but has no real plan. Early on in the story he becomes aware that Jacob is well endowed, as well as quite flexible. This immediately puts all kinds of sexual thoughts into Cain’s mind and this is his fixation throughout the entire book and is revisited more than once.

Both Jacob and Cain could have been likable characters, but there wasn’t enough of them offered to grab onto. Cain takes the lead at times in the pursuit and whether he was bisexual or just experimenting was not made clear and it mattered because of what was evolving between him and Jacob.

There are times where an erotic novel that is heavy on the sex scenes works extremely well. With this story, I just was not feeling a real connection between the guys either emotionally or erotically. The story takes place primarily on the road and the ending still leaves them not based in reality. Again, there are times that this works well and there were definitely moments when the guys were relating to each other well. There was more potential here than was fully realized as Jacob and Cain’s story wasn’t fully developed and also didn’t hit all the marks for a true erotic novel.

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