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Ty Malone has been searching for his sister for years. After he left for the military to get away from his abusive father, Ty tried to keep in touch, but one day Alicia just stopped writing to him and she is missing without a trace. Ty is determined to do whatever it takes to find her again, even joining his father’s old motorcycle club, where he found his last lead.

For years Ty’s only break from this life was his periodic trips to the Velvet Ropes club, where he got to be Master Ty. When a fight gone bad led to him meeting Chase, a sub caught in a bad situation, Ty knew he should not get involved. But something about Chase tugged at him, and even though he knew he should let Chase go once he was back on his feet, instead the men began the best relationship of Ty’s life with Chase as his cherished submissive. But now Ty must live a double life, hiding the true nature of his relationship with Chase from the motorcycle club, knowing he would risk Chase’s safety if they ever found out about them. At the same time, he continues to dig in deep, trying to find out what the club knows about Alicia and her connection to the drug lord Durango.

Despite his deep feelings for Chase, Ty doesn’t really want to need anyone else. Yet somehow he finds himself with friends and family he never wanted or expected, men that would do anything for him and Chase. When a lead on Alicia turns into a group effort to help Ty find her, suddenly Ty and Chase find these connections are giving them a sense of family they never expected. But when things go terribly wrong and Ty learns the truth about Alicia, he needs the support of his friends, and most importantly Chase, to get him through.

Tricking Chase is the first book in Jessie G’s new Devils Pride MC series. It connects directly with the third book in her Sizzling Miami series, The Protector, a book I really enjoyed as well. In that story, we meet Chase and Ty, as Chase is the cousin to Kyle, one of the MCs in that book. Although they are different series, the two books directly tie together, as in The Protector we see another viewpoint on the big strike against Durango. So Tricking Chase overlaps that timeline and we see the strike, as well as the aftermath, from Ty and Chase’s POVs this time. So needless to say, I would strongly suggest reading The Protector first, even if you haven’t read the rest of the Sizzling Miami series so that this book is fleshed out to its fullest potential.

Although it is unusual to link two different series in this way, I actually really liked it and think the author did a great job developing the two books. Although some of the events repeat here, we get an enhancement in this story, rather than just a straight retelling. The strike against Durango has major affects on Ty and Chase, so it is really helpful to get the story from their POV. But from there, this book expands on Ty and Chase’s personal story, showing the connection between the two men, their continued efforts to track down Alicia, and their ultimate growth as they settle into their new future together.

I really enjoyed the relationship between these two men. As with many of the guys in this series, Ty is a bad boy gone good. Or at least kind of good. Ty is tough and violent when he needs to be and absolutely willing to do anything to care for and protect Chase. He is not a man you would want to cross and someone many people fear, and for good reason. At the same time, he is motivated by his desire to find and help his sister. And he cares for Chase like precious treasure, willing to do anything for the man he rescued and with whom he has fallen in love. For those who love the bad boy with the good heart, Ty is for you.

Chase is also a fascinating character and I loved being inside his mind as we get the dual POVs between the men. Chase adores Ty, sees his flaws and accepts him anyway. Chase is a true submissive and what he wants most of out of life is to care for and make a home for his Master. I love that we see Chase’s incredible strength throughout the story. He is a true partner to Ty, not just caring for him and their home, but helping him with his investigation, often offering insights that no one else can see. Chase is sweet and loving and I enjoyed their partnership.

As I said, this is the first book in a new series focused on the motorcycle club, and I am curious to see where the author takes things. There is some interesting potential, though I was kind of surprised where we left things with the club. I will look forward to seeing how their story develops. At the same time, I really look forward to continuing with Sizzling Miami as well, as many of the characters in these two books seem to have their home there and I am enjoying them and their relationships.

Overall this is a story that combines a great romance with a nice suspense element. We see their quest to find Alicia and learn the truth about what happened to her, and the investigation and various strikes keep things exciting. But at its heart, this is really a story about Ty and how he slowly moves from someone content to be alone, to a man who first accepts and then grows to really care for his family and friends who would do anything for him. I enjoyed this one a lot and am definitely looking forward to more from this series.

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