fever pitch audioStory Rating: 5 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Iggy Toma
Length: 11 hours, 48 minutes

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So when I read Fever Pitch last year, I said I thought it was author Heidi Cullinan’s best book, and after listening to it in audio, I still agree with that assessment. I am going to refer you to my original review for an overview of the story and my thoughts about it (love, love, gush, gush). The story is amazing, the Love Lessons series is incredible, and if you haven’t picked this book up in any format, I would encourage you to do it immediately.

Since I listened to this in audio, let me focus my review on that aspect of things. First off, narrator Iggy Toma once again does an amazing job with the audio for the story. I was a little worried that things would sound too similar to Love Lessons, but that wasn’t an issue at all. Walter and Kelly, the MCs from that book, make a reappearance here and Toma does a great job with keeping their voices consistent with their earlier portrayal. But otherwise, with a few small exceptions, I felt that this narration was distinct from the previous book.

There were some particular standouts in the voice department for me. Toma really brings a great sense of vulnerability to Aaron, which works so nicely with that outward appearance of having it all together, while inside we know he is struggling. Once again Walter is narrated really well and he exudes both confidence and calm as Aaron’s friend and confidant. I think Baz and Marius are done quite well also, and Toma manages to give the latter a believable deep voice that fits his description.  Giles has a kind of nasal tone that also fits how he is described, though at times I found him sounding a lot like his friend Mina, and in conversations together I sometimes found myself getting confused who was speaking. But overall the narration of the characters was quite good and mostly distinct, a tricky feat with such a large cast.

In case you are wondering, I will mention that sadly this story doesn’t have any music in it. I know it would be both a financial and logistical impossibility to include songs in the audio, but oh would I have loved to hear these guys sing and play! Even without the actual music, the audio format really makes this aspect of the story shine. And just to get you in the mood, here is a video of the 3 Penny Chorus and Orchestra performing Call Me Maybe (which is referenced in the story).

And because I can never hear this song without thinking of this book, here is Titanium by David Guetta.  Truly, I find myself with a mix of choked up and exhilarated every time I listen to it after reading that amazing scene in the book featuring the song.

So overall I though this one was wonderful. I loved it when I read the story and I loved it in audio. Whatever format you choose, I can’t encourage you strongly enough to try out this book and this series. I loved them both and I am eagerly awaiting the next Love Lessons book.

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