Today I am so pleased to welcome Megan Linden to Joyfully Jay. Megan has come to share an exclusive her release, Serve & Protect (the first book in her D.C. Files series). She has also brought along a copy to give away.  Please join me in giving Megan a big welcome!


Sam woke up with a start, kicking the blanket off onto the floor in the process. Wait, what? It took his brain a few seconds to catch up and then he groaned.

He fell asleep. For fuck’s sake, he fell asleep. On a date. He fell asleep on a date with a great guy he hoped to sleep with last night. And this morning, and hopefully also next week.

“Oh my God,” he said to the living room ceiling. He considered fleeing in shame, but that would be…well…that would definitely end his chances with Blake. And Sam might not have any left this morning either, after falling asleep, but he wouldn’t know for sure until Blake told him.

He got up and went to the bathroom. Sam didn’t have a toothbrush here, so he made do with mouthwash. He stared at himself in the mirror and grimaced at his stubble and dark circles under his eyes. He tried to contain his hair a little bit, but it still looked like a bed head when he was done.

He tried to be quiet in the kitchen, but the coffee machine let out a loud gurgle as if sensing some stranger was trying to use it.

“Shh, it’s okay.” Sam patted it lightly. He’d learned to be kind to coffee machines during his first internship on the campaign for a mayor.

“Hi.” He heard from behind and turned, dropping his hand quickly. Blake stood in the doorway with a small smile and arms crossed on his chest. He was wearing gray boxers and white undershirt, and he looked like he’d walked out of Sam’s fantasies. Sam could have woken up to this sight this morning, if he wasn’t a complete idiot.

He looked down at his feet. “Hi. Sorry for…” Falling asleep. Waking you up. Screwing things up. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Blake said, taking a step forward, before he stopped and turned around. “Wait. I’ll be right back.”

Sam could hear the water running in the bathroom, so he busied himself with preparing coffee. Blake didn’t seem angry, so maybe Sam hadn’t completely fucked it up.

“Back,” Blake announced and took a couple of steps closer before pausing. Sam decided it was his turn now, so he came to stand right in front of Blake.

“I’m sorry for falling asleep,” he said once again. “It’s definitely not how I’d pictured last night going.”

“And how did you picture it going?” Blake asked, with a hint of a smile at the corners of his lips. His eyes dropped to Sam’s mouth. Sam grinned and put his hands on Blake’s hips, light, but there.

“A kiss hello, a nice dinner, getting to know each other better,” Sam started the list as Blake’s hands mirrored his. “A movie I might like, but not care much about, since I hoped we wouldn’t make it to the end.”

You didn’t,” Blake pointed out, with his lips close to Sam’s ear.

“I didn’t,” Sam said, a little breathlessly, because Blake started to kiss his jaw. “But I hope to make it up to you now.”

“And how are you planning to do that?” Neither of them had shaved this morning, and there was a friction when their cheeks slid against each other sending shivers down Sam’s back. He turned his head a little to bring his mouth against Blake’s.

“How do you want me to do that?” he breathed out before licking Blake’s lower lip and biting it lightly. He surged in for a deep kiss and brought his hands to Blake’s neck to pull him closer.

“I have a big bed,” Blake whispered when they paused to take a breath. His hands were under Sam’s T-shirt, caressing the skin. “And I can’t sleep there lately without picturing you on it. Spread out, naked,” Blake kissed him again, “ready for me.”


Serve & Protect (D.C. Files #1)What happens when you fall in love in the heart of politics?

Sam Daniels’ life turns upside down when he meets an amazing guy and gets a job offer he can’t refuse almost at the same time. Working in politics and sustaining any kind of personal life is never easy, but when you’re running a campaign to elect the first woman to the office of the President of the United States, it may become nearly impossible.

Blake Morin, after spending years as a SEAL, lives a quiet life with his daughter and he’s fine with that. He can’t deny the attraction between him and Sam, but is he ready to enter the world he used to avoid?


Megan is one of those people who dreamed of being a writer since they were a little kid and then didn’t do anything about it for years. Then as a teenager she was introduced to fandom and… well. She fell head first into it and never looked back. At some point she decided to try writing her own characters in her own stories. And that’s where she is today.

When she’s not writing, Megan works as a psychologist and continues to learn the hard way that she can’t give all her clients their happy ending (she truly believes everyone can save themselves, though). That’s why she makes sure to give it to her characters, always.

She loves TV shows, books, fanworks, and pizza (not necessarily in that order). But there’s nothing like getting messages from readers who enjoy her stories, so if you’re not sure it’s okay to contact her – yes, it is.


Megan has brought a copy of Serve & Protect to give away to one lucky reader. Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Monday, June 29th at 11:59 pm EST.

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