Today I am so pleased to welcome Ethan Stone to Joyfully Jay. Ethan has come to share a piece of a story connected to his latest release, Flesh & Blood (which I loved and reviewed here). He has also brought along two great giveaways! Please join me in giving Ethan a big welcome!



This story takes place between In the Flesh and Flesh & Blood. See past installment here:

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Part Eight

We put Normie in an interview and made him wait thirty minutes. I watched as Brunson handled the questioning. Normie admitted to being at Suzie’s, but insisted he had nothing to do with a robbery.

Brunson played good cop and when that didn’t work he switch to bad cop. Normie reacted to that far better, probably because he was used to being intimidated by his grandmother. After an hour, he cracked and admitted to the robbery.

The chief exited the room, a wide grin on his face. He shook my hand. “That was a blast.”

“You did good, considering how long it’s been since you’ve examined a suspect.”

He playfully punched my shoulder. “Why don’t you go home, detective? I’ll handle the paperwork.”

“You sure?”

“Absolutely. Get the hell out of here.”

“Thanks, Gary.”

“Bye, Cristian.”

On the way to my car I texted Colby.

Coming home. Want you naked on the bed. Face up.

A smiley face icon was my response. The thought of my lover stripped and ready for me gave me a hard-on and a lead foot. I drove faster than I should’ve, but I couldn’t help it.

Colby’s place was silent when I stepped in. I stripped quickly; nude by the time I got to the bedroom. Colby had done as requested, his dark skin shiny from sweat. Such a magnificent body. Pointy nipples and erect cock. Just as horny as when I’d left him. His refractory period was definitely over and he was ready for a second orgasm.

His head was at the foot of the bed, hanging off. I spread my legs and stepped up so my balls lined up with his mouth. A quick swipe of his tongue made me jump, then his lips were on my balls. Licking and tonguing me with passion made turned me on even more. I gripped my cock, leisurely pulling on it applying pressure to the head.

I want to come, needed to come. The strip tease earlier had made me all excited and I’d been left with blue balls. Any desire to stretch out the experience disappeared when he shifted down and licked my ass. That was my G-spot and Colby knew it.

He rimmed me, thrusting his tongue against my hole. I stroked harder and harder until I couldn’t hold back. I came hard, shooting long streams of jizz onto his chest. Breath escaped me for a moment and everything went dark.
* * * *
Read the final part of the story at


FleshandBloodFSDetective Cristian Flesh is about to find out that he can only run from his past for so long.

When a local man is attacked and the suspect is a hustler, Cristian knows there’s more to the case than meets the eye. His investigation will lead him into a maze of lies, deceit, and underage prostitution. But that’s only the beginning as people start disappearing and turning up dead. Cristian begins to realize that solving the case and stopping the murders won’t be enough. If he wants to make his new life with lawyer Colby Maddox work, he’ll need to face the demons of his past and put them to rest once and for all.

2nd Edition


Avatar_ES-300X300Ethan Stone is an out and proud gay man. Which is fairly new in his life, the out part, not the gay part. He’s been queer his whole life, though he tried to deny it for years with a wonderful woman. The years in denial weren’t all bad, he has two amazing kids out of it. His son is a teenager and his daughter has made him a grandfather, three times over. A way too young grandfather.
Ethan has returned to Oregon after almost a decade in Nevada. He no longer has a day job and is doing his best to make a living at this writing thing. If he can’t make a living, he at least wants to support his Mt. Dew and beef jerky addictions.

Readers can find Ethan online”


Ethan has brought a copy of Flesh & Blood for a lucky commenter. Just leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. The contest ends on Friday, June 19th at 11:59 pm EST.

Ethan has also brought a giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card for one reader on the tour. Follow the Rafflecopter link to enter. 

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