Today I am so pleased to welcome Leta Blake to Joyfully Jay. Leta has come to share a very dirty excerpt from her latest release, Training Complex (which, loved!). She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Leta a big welcome!


There’s no doubt that Training Complex includes a lot of sex scenes (for plot! I swear!), but, believe it or not, the original draft contained even more. In fact, I had to cut a total of four sex scenes for various reasons before going to press. A few were cut for the sole reason of “too much sex” and others were cut for character reasons.

Today I’m going to share a scene with you that was cut mainly for the “too much sex” reason. I was pretty bummed to let this one go because, well, in my humble opinion, it’s pretty dang hot! So rather than let it go to waste, I thought I’d share it with Jay and her awesome readers!

Just prior to this scene, Rob and Matty had gone out with Matty’s old skating pal, Julien, and Rob had watched them salsa dance together. It got him a little worked up, to say the least. And, before he could continue with the rest of his sexy plans for the night, he needed to let off a little steam.

I should tell you that this scene is probably NSFW (unless you work somewhere with total privacy and no one peeking over your shoulder) and definitely intended for ages 18+.  There are also mild spoilers for the book, but nothing too very revealing.


(From Jay: This is behind a spoiler tag because OMG you guys, this is HOT and DIRTY! It is NSFW and not for under 18. Enjoy, you dirty boys and girls…)


“Holy fuck!” Matty cried.

Rob slammed him against the door, kissing his soft neck, rubbing his cheek against the barely-there stubble on Matty’s chin. God, he needed him right fucking now.

“Get your shorts down. Get your shorts down.” Rob worked at his own pants, shoving them down his thighs and getting his cock free. “Kneel. Suck me. Get it wet because this is how you’re taking it.”

Matty moaned and fell to his knees, his shorts stuck around his fancy, god-only-knew-how-expensive shoes, and took Rob into his hot hungry mouth. It was good, but not enough. Not after all that torture at the club watching Julien’s hands roam over Matty’s body, grabbing his ass and hauling him in to move together like sex, and fuck Rob had been strong not to say something stupid, not to make a mess of everything by suggesting a threesome in the fucking bathroom stall, because by that time he’d been far enough gone that a hotel room had seemed impossible to manage. But look at him! He was a goddamn hero! He’d kept his mouth shut, gotten home with Matty, and now he was going to fuck the man he loved hard, until they were both spent. No horrible, messy, lust-driven bad decisions would open up wounds or make insecurities bleed.

“Up, up,” Rob muttered, and pulled Matty to his feet, turning him around to shove against the door, hands and face against the wood, ass up. Rob wanted to slide his cock back and forth between Matty’s muscled skater’s cheeks, but didn’t want to waste the spit Matty had left behind. There was lube in the bedroom, but this couldn’t wait. This was urgent and now, and he needed in Matty before he shot his load on Matty’s back from sheer crazed horniness. He put two of his own fingers in his mouth, got them sloppy wet, and rubbed them over Matty’s asshole.

“Fuck, I need inside you,” he muttered, trying to get a grip. He wanted to shove Matty against the door and push in, but that wouldn’t work well with their height difference and though he could hold Matty up well enough, getting his cock in without lube would take some work. “Get your clothes off.”

Rob worked to get naked, too. Their clothes piled by the door. Their bodies shook with excitement making the undressing annoyingly difficult.

“Over to the sofa. Now.”

Matty didn’t move quickly enough and Rob picked him up, making him gasp, and tossed him onto the sofa. “On your knees, facing the window.”

Matty put his hands on the back of the sofa, the curtains blocking their view of the street outside and anyone outside’s view of them. Rob knelt behind him, knees on the edge of the sofa, and gripped Matty’s hip, feeling the bone dig into the curve of his hand, and he pushed in.

Matty yelled, the lack of usual preparation making it hurt, and Rob groaned, pushing and pushing, feeling Matty’s asshole stretching around him, hot and tight enough to ache. His forehead came to rest against the top of Matty’s head and he breathed in the scent of sweat and the city at night, and beneath that Matty’s shampoo and cologne.

“Fuck, I love you, sweetheart,” Rob murmured into his hair. Matty just keened softly, his asshole working to take Rob’s cock, and Rob felt a swell of sympathy. “Does it hurt?” he whispered. “Taking me hard and raw like this?”

Matty shivered beneath him, his asshole convulsing and allowing Rob to slide a little deeper. It was all Rob could do not to shove all the way in and then start pumping hard and fast, but he needed Matty to relax a little more first. He didn’t want to cause damage. He just wanted it to hurt the way they both liked.

“I can pull out, sweetheart. Get some lube.”

“No,” Matty gasped, just like Rob had known he would. “Fuck me like this. Please, please, please.”

Rob murmured praise and kissed Matty’s shoulders, kissed his shoulder blades, and then leaned back to spit down onto his cock where it entered Matty’s tight, stretched hole. The slick let it slide in a bit more and then Rob moved out and in, out and in. Matty’s thighs started shaking, a beautiful tell of his body that let Rob know he was hitting his prostate.

“Oh, yes, open up for me.”

Matty reached back and spread his ass cheeks, and the pull let Rob slide in deeper on his next thrust. “So fucking beautiful,” Rob muttered, putting his hands over Matty’s and pushing them wider apart. “Open it up.”

Matty moaned, turning his face to press against the back cushion of the couch, and he bore down on Rob’s dick. His hole clenched and released, and, with just a little more spit and steadily applied pressure, Rob sank into him until his balls pressed against Matty’s ass.

“Rob!” Matty choked out, trembling under Rob’s hands, back arching as he begged with his body.

“So good, sweetheart.”  Rob ground into Matty’s body, loving the velvet-pressure all along his cock, the delicate brush of Matty’s heat against the plunging head, and the hot grip of pulsing flesh.

He pulled back and slammed in, setting up a rapid, hard fuck. He bent his head to Matty’s back and squeezed his eyes shut as he pummeled his ass, sweating as pleasure mounted fast, not caring how long it lasted, just needing release. He listened to Matty’s cries and slid his hands over Matty’s writhing body, avoiding his cock. He let his memory supply images of Julien and Matty on the dance floor and allowed his imagination to elaborate on them, removing their clothes, watching them move together naked.

He reached to grab hold of Matty’s hands, clenching them tight and wrapping them around Matty’s taut torso to keep him from touching his own dick. Chest-to-back, his face buried in the sweet-smelling hollow between Matty’s neck and shoulder, he fucked into the tight channel of Matty’s body, relentlessly seeking his orgasm.

His fantasy morphed. He was standing over the bed, crop in hand, bringing it down on Julien’s pert, muscled ass, as he fucked Matty harder and harder. And then he gasped, the image changing again to Matty with his cock in a cage, wailing as Julien fucked his hole, and Rob jerked off over the two of them.

“Fuck!” he groaned, kissed Matty’s shoulder, licked his neck. “God, sweetheart. I love you.”

“Gonna come,” Matty moaned, his hands twisting in Rob’s, trying to escape. “Let me touch—let me—“

“Don’t,” Rob growled, fucking him harder, ramming his cock over Matty’s prostate and feeling Matty’s legs shake and tremble with each thrust. “Don’t you dare come, Matty. Do you hear me?”

Matty whimpered and sobbed with lust, gripping Rob’s hands tighter and tighter. “I can’t. You’re going to make me…you’re going to make me come.”

“No. Don’t you dare fucking come.” Rob squeezed Matty’s hands harder, thrusting hard and fast, sweat sliding down his back and between the hot, slapping skin of their rutting bodies. Matty went rigid, his hole flexing open to Rob’s thrusts, receiving his cock again and again, his body taut and reaching. His heart pounded hard enough for Rob to feel it through his thin back, echoing against Rob’s sweaty chest.

“Please,” Matty begged.

“No. I’ll tell you when you can come.”

Matty moaned and his head dropped down to the back of the sofa, straining hard to obey even as his legs quaked from Rob’s relentless pounding of his prostate. “Please, Rob, come in me. Please. Fill me up. Wanna feel you.”

A desperate, hot swell of love tore through Rob as his pleasure crested. He bit Matty’s shoulder, coming hard and soul-shaking, as his cock pumped his love into Matty’s thrumming body.

“Fuck!” Rob whispered, jerking and quivering.

He didn’t release Matty’s hands, holding tight to his writhing body. He felt Matty’s heartbeat everywhere. The hot, rhythmic pounding of Matty’s internal wall, extended Rob’s aftershocks until he finally had to pull out or risk being far too sensitive to continue with his plan for the night.

“Need to come,” Matty whimpered, tugging his hand from Rob’s and reaching to touch himself.

Rob grunted a negative and Matty stopped mid-grab, his fingers hovering close but not touching.

“No. This is going to be your last orgasm for a while. We’re going to make it worth it.”

“Oh fuck,” Matty moaned, drawing the words out with what sounded like a mix of fear and unbearable lust.

“Oh, yes,” Rob said, pulling out and reaching down to stop the slide of come out of Matty’s body. He pushed the escaping jizz back in, loving the way Matty’s hole grabbed at his fingers. He rubbed Matty’s ass cheeks as his anus flexed and squeezed and tightened-up again. Aside from the pinkness of the skin and the glistening residue of Rob’s come, it almost looked as though he hadn’t just been slamming his cock into it. Rob leaned forward and licked the pucker, tasting his own come and Matty’s sweaty hole, heavy with the scents of dancing and sex.

“Oh God,” Matty murmured, his body still shaking.

“Come on,” Rob said, slapping his ass. “Shower. And, if you’re lucky, maybe I’ll let you come before I put the cage on you. Then again, maybe I won’t.”

Matty shuddered but didn’t protest and Rob watched him rush toward the bathroom. The sound of a siren blared by and Mr. Wegman slammed a door upstairs. Rob rubbed a hand over his face, and then turned to follow Matty into the bathroom. [/spoiler]


training-complex-e-reader-copyBuckle up – Matty’s back!

Figure skater Matty Marcus didn’t capture Olympic gold, but he won rancher Rob Lovely’s heart.

After Rob sold his ranch and Matty hung up his skates, they started a new life together in New York City. Now Matty has taken on a fresh challenge as a figure skating coach, and Rob’s second career as a physical therapist should be everything he’s dreamed of. But in the brutal heat of their third summer in the city, Rob yearns for the wide-open country, and the intensity of city life awakens Matty’s demons.

Matty asks for increasingly intense BDSM scenes, and his disordered eating and erratic behavior ramp up the stakes. Rob struggles to stay in control, and after a well-intentioned anniversary gift goes awry, he still thinks he can handle the fallout. But the concrete jungle is closing in and his coping skills are unraveling.

Their love is deep, but Rob will have to admit the truth about what he really wants before they both tumble into chaos.

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lblogoAuthor of the bestselling book Smoky Mountain Dreams and the fan favorite Training Season, Leta Blake’s educational and professional background is in psychology and finance, respectively. However, her passion has always been for writing. She enjoys crafting romance stories and exploring the psyches of made up people. At home in the Southern U.S., Leta works hard at achieving balance between her day job, her writing, and her family.


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