Today I am so pleased to welcome Wade Kelly to Joyfully Jay. Wade Kelly has come here as part of our Beach Read Bonanza. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!



Hello… I was supposed to write a blog post with a beach theme and I forgot. Then, while I panicked and thought of what I should talk about, a song came into my head. It was that one “it’s all about the bass,” only in my head it came out: “It’s all about the beach, ’bout the beach, no desert.” And then I said out loud to no one in particular, “This is why I should never be allowed to speak.”

BeachReadBonanza_FBpostWeird things come out of my head. Anyone who has read my books knows this. They are only getting weirder, or wonderfuller (not sure which), as time goes on. The next few that come out starting from now forth, are born out of a desire to be ME all the time and let a little more sunshine out on the world around me. Does that mean I’ll be writing 1’s on the Wade Kelly Scale of angst? Probs not. I do seem to bring the angst into the story even when I don’t plan to. Maybe it is because Sunshine is only seen and appreciated after there’s been a hard rain.

So in the interest of keeping this “beach” related, let me talk about the beach. It’s all about the beach, you know. I love the beach, but I hate sand in my suit and waves knocking me over. I love the sound of the ocean, but I don’t like baking in the sun. I don’t tan. I burn. So being in the sun all day with no cover and waves that knock me over when I try to cool off, and gritty sand that works its way into crevices where no one appreciates, is not exactly my idea of fun. So why do I go? I like walking on the beach in the early morning when the sun is still cool and I can walk along the water’s edge and get my feet wet, just my feet, and listen to the waves breaking. I like sitting on a towel and burying my feet, wiggling them under the sand where it’s cold. I go to the beach to watch the sun rise over the ocean where I can ponder the majesty of God without the hang-ups of organized religion or people telling me what to feel or not feel about the colors in the sky that only God can make. I go to see sand crabs scurry across the sand when no one is on the beach yet, so you see the tiny claw tracks in the sand that lead up to a tiny hole where they disappear. And maybe, finally, I go so I can walk on the beach at night when you can’t see the waves, only hear them, as I walk in the thunder of that sound under the stars.

This is the reason I love the beach. Yes, I can list things I don’t like, but I think that it is better seen with my new goal in mind. If I am going to spread a little sunshine everywhere I go, then shouldn’t everything be seen from that perspective? What are the positive things? What are the sunshiny things? Let go of the downers. Let go of the black clouds. I can’t exactly do this alone, so you have to remind me of the good. Think about the good things in your life. Tell me about them! And tell me about YOUR OWN fun reasons to visit the beach.

It’s all about the beach, ’bout the beach, no desert. We can talk about the desert another day! (Except that I’ve never been to one.)

Thank you for stopping by.

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This is a spontaneous post, but don’t be surprised if it shows up in a book somewhere. I think Grant would say some of this. IDK.

That’s all for now. Ciao! Xoxoxox


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Wade Kelly lives in conservative, small-town America where it’s not easy to live open in one’s beliefs, while writing passionately about controversial issues. She strives to make a difference by bringing hope and making people think. She likes snakes, can’t spell, and has a tendency to make people cry.


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