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Length: Short Story

Path Not Taken by Andrew Grey is another sweet story of lost love rediscovered from the 2015 Daily Dose-Never Too Late. A substantial short story, this tale centers around two men who have both love and lost, one to death, another to cheating. However, in their younger days, Trenton and Brit were once the best of friends who weathered many a heartache together as both had lost a parent early on. Once the two got to college, things took a radical change when Trenton, thinking Brit reciprocated his feelings, kissed him. Running as fast as he could, Brit completely cut Trenton out of his life and went on to marry a woman, denying who he was and his desire for men.

Decades later the two meet on a Philadelphia-bound train. Trenton had buried his husband just two years before and Brit had long since divorced his wife and embraced whom he truly was inside. Unfortunately, his lover had cheated on him and left, leaving Brit adrift and wounded. When the two meet again, they are both surprised to discover a small spark still exists within each of them. They reach out tentatively, only to have the past nearly rip them apart for good.

Author Andrew Grey creates such wonderfully sensitive characters that tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves. His stories take the time to explore real communication between men and allow them to be able to laugh at themselves when their bolt and hide tendencies run the risk of ending a relationship before it begins. There is such an easy way about the dialogue, making it feel genuine and easy to digest. Trenton and Brit both realize that they have to let go of the past before they can move toward their future—particularly if that means forging a new path together.

Fans of this author will recognize his gentle touch in both plot and character. Never too sweet, but certainly caring and compassionate, an Andrew Grey story is always a chance to escape into m/m romance at it’s finest.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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