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Length: Novel

Frank Greerson and Gregory Young fought together in the War Between the States and fell in love. With the war over, they decide to head west to Kansas and build a life together, utilizing the free land the government is offering and hoping that with fewer people around that they will be able to live their lives as they want. On the Kansas prairie, Frank and Gregory face battles they were unprepared for as they seek to create a place to call their own.

Frank and Gregory come home after the war, eager to find a place where they could live together and not raise eyebrows. Frank’s family, particularly his father, does not take the news well, whereas Gregory’s mother goes out of her way to help the two men start off on their journey. Like the thousands of others who sought free land through the Homestead Act, Frank and Gregory were eager and unprepared for what they would face out there on the plains. This story follows Frank and Gregory as they learned to cope with natural disasters, Native American attacks, and people set on taking their land. Throughout this, they learned they not only needed to depend on each other, but also their neighbors, in order to survive.

This is not your typical romance story. At most, this was a well written historical novel with romantic undertones. As a historical fiction, it has plenty of details about the time and place, yet they are presented in a way that you don’t realize you are getting a history lesson. The romance part of the book is fairly limited in scope…think Little House on the Prairie, it’s there but it’s not blatant. Instead, readers are treated to the emotional connection between these two characters.

Overall, I thought this was a sweet story.

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