Balls Up: Blowing It #2Rating: 4.5 stars
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Owen Barnes is living the life he’s always wanted. He’s a published author of YA novels; he’s surrounded by friends; and he’s in a relationship with a wonderful man, Magnus Cassidy. When Owen finds a lump on his testicle, he tries to convince himself it’s always been there. Then he postpones going to the doctor because he has a book to keep on schedule, he has to give support to his friends who are going through a tough time in their relationship, and because he’s just plain too scared to know what exactly it is. When Magnus forces Owen to have it checked out, the news isn’t good. Can Owen deal with the prognosis, or will his life go balls up?

This is the second book in the Blowing It series. While it could be read as a standalone, I think readers will appreciate the book more if they’ve read the first in the series, Blowing It, before reading this book.

This book deals with the big “C” word (cancer). While the author injects humor into the story, she doesn’t sugar coat any of it. For anyone who has had someone in their life battling cancer, the story line reads like real life as Owen undergoes the process from finding a lump, denial, getting up the nerve to make an appointment, undergoing testing, waiting for results, undergoing treatment, and the horrendous side effects as he fights for his life. Throughout all of this, Magnus refuses to allow Owen to shut him out or push him away.

I fell in love with Magnus in the first book, only to fall even more deeply in love with him in this book. Sworn to secrecy by Owen about the diagnoses and treatment, Magnus tries to honor Owen’s wishes while running him back and forth from treatments, working, and taking care of and supporting Owen. When the stress of everything begins to take its toll, Magnus faces the tough decision of breaking his promise to Owen by asking for help.

For me, this book was the ultimate romance. It isn’t about good times, hot sex scenes, or gorgeous looking men, but rather it is about that connection two people have with one another that can withstand whatever life throws at them. It’s about enjoying the good times and having someone to hold on to in the bad times. I highly recommend this book!

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