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I must hang my head in shame for this: Dancing Days, is only the second story I have read by the talented Clare London—but I can assure you I will be loading my TBR shelf with more of her work shortly! But first, there is a review to write about this gorgeous tale of love found, lost, and then found again.

Glen Carson, the master of DIY and fix it shop manager, lives a rather quiet life now in his forties. Once upon a time though there had been great passion in Glen’s life that ended badly when he discovered his lover was telling less than the truth about himself and his commitments. Despite the fact that Glen had since moved on and had long-term relationships beyond that first love, there was still certain wariness about him when it came to emotionally investing in another person.

Imagine his shock when he opens his door one evening and the very person who shattered his heart some thirty years earlier was standing there, heart in hand? Could Glen move beyond his bitterness and open his heart one more time to Aston Walsh? Or were their dancing days over for good?

Clocking in at a mere sixty pages, Clare London gives us more emotional bang for our buck in this short story than most full-length novels are able to do. Aston was the epitome of a broken man, one whose life choices had reaped some benefits for sure, but they had also come at a great price—hiding who he was and losing the one man whom he loved more than anything else. Glen was lonely and fearing that he was past the age when any one would be willing to take a chance on him. Having just ended a 10-year relationship amicably, he was never expecting for the past to rear it’s ugly head and confront him one more time. But old feelings die hard and when he begins to let Aston back into his life, I found myself holding my breath and hoping that this time the two would make it.

Relationships are never easy and London does not shy away from throwing up roadblocks—realistic ones at that—for her men to hurdle. But the subtle nuances in her novels, the lingering glances, the wounded expressions, and the intimate moments all combine to make a rich and beautiful love story.

I’ve read more than a few of the stories from this Daily Dose collection and I must say, Dancing Days by Clare London is by far my favorite.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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