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Kevin Kaisho has finally made it big, becoming a season regular on the nighttime TV drama Shadow Lane. He has had a crazy summer doing press for the show, along with his co-star and new on-screen love interest, Nick Jantzen. The two men have spent the tour flirting for the cameras, but for Kevin, the feelings are starting to become real. But Nick is married and Kevin has never before been with a man and so things seem like no more than a fantasy.

When Andrew Walker sees pictures of his husband Nick with Kevin, he can tell Kevin has it bad for Nick. And Andrew finds himself interested in the gorgeous Kevin, enough so that he would love to consider bringing him into the bedroom with him and Nick. Nick is definitely attracted to Kevin, but worries about their working relationship and keeping it professional.

All three men have an attraction among them, but it will take a little push from Andrew for them to finally act on their feelings and see how good things can be for the three of them.

This is a cute and sexy menage story with an existing couple who brings in a third for some fun, and maybe more. I enjoyed the way the push to this hook up comes from Andrew, the one who is sort of on the outside of the connection beween Kevin and Nick. Those two men work together and have a close friendship filled with some sexual tension. It may have been more expected to have Nick be the driver here, and I loved how instead we see Andrew is both attracted to Kevin in his own right, and wants the experience for Nick as well. The story is filled with lots of good sexual tension as we see these guys dance around each other for a while before ultimately bringing Kevin in to the bedroom. The scene with the three of them is super hot and I loved the dynamic between them all.

My two small quibbles are first that I wished I had a better sense of what these guys were looking for out of this hook up — is this to be just sex or more? Nick doesn’t quite know what’s happening until Kevin practically lands in his lap, but Andrew and Kevin kind of set up their night together and I didn’t have much sense of what either hoped to get out of this. It made the transition from hook up to maybe much more feel way too fast for me, since I wasn’t clear if these guys had ever even considered expanding their relationship before that. We don’t get a really conclusive resolution, but enough indication is there that I feel like more of an understanding of their expectations would have helped the realism.  Second, there is an m/f scene in the book when Kevin picks up a woman at the bar. Now let me be clear, I have no problem at all with a m/f sex scene, I just found myself confused by its role in the story. It does seem to illustrate the Kevin still likes women, as well as that he is no stranger to anal play (which makes his encounter with the guys more realistic). But the scene is set up as this pivotal moment where Kevin realizes he does in fact want to take a chance with Nick and Andrew, but I didn’t quite grasp why the epiphany. It seems pretty clear he is hot for this woman (though not enough so that he even knows her name while he is having sex with her…nice), but he is also fantasizing about the guys. I wasn’t clear if the sex proved to him he wasn’t interested in women, or just that he was more interested in the guys or what. Not a big issue, and I could understand this confirmed his feelings for the guys, but I just wish it had been a bit clearer as to why.

Despite those small issues, I really liked this one quite a lot. It is an easy read and I finished it in one sitting. The story is good, the guys are hot together, and Bell does a nice job building the sexual tension to its ultimate end. I enjoyed this a lot and would recommend it, especially for menage fans.

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