The Dom Around the CornerRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Simon Matthews owns a bookstore that isn’t doing so well. But Simon isn’t the kind of guy that easily asks for help. Part of that is his Dom nature and his need to be in control. But it’s been a long while since Simon’s been with anyone, and it’s at the urging of his cousin that he tries out a new kink club. Simon doesn’t expect much from his trip to Escape. But then he meets Gavin. The sub pushes every one of Simon’s buttons and their chemistry is immediate and explosive  After an intense, perfect scene together, Simon wakes up from a short nap alone.

Gavin Cross went to Escape that night to prove to himself that he could do a scene. He’s been out the lifestyle for a long time, and he needed to know if he could still do it. He never expected to meet a Dom like Simon, someone he connected to so easily, and have it feel so right. It’s not what he wants, so he runs.

But when the consultant Simon hired to save the store shows up, and it’s none other than Gavin, Simon is floored. At first he keeps their relationship strictly professional, as those are Gavin’s wishes. But when their meetings drag on, and it’s clear how much Gavin needs a Dom, Simon pushes him until Gavin agrees to play again. But once again, things cut too close to the quick for Gavin and he runs. When Gavin shows up in Simon’s life a third time, Simon doesn’t want to give him the time of day. But if he can just listen to what Gavin has to say, the two men might just find they are what the other needs.

What really stood out to me here was the characters’ connection with each other. Yes, the sex was so incredibly hot. The chemistry between them leaped off the page, and they absolutely worked together. The BDSM wasn’t just about pain and pleasure; it delved even deeper and showed their connection. Gavin craved that so badly, needed it more than he could ever know or say, and that came across so very clearly in this book. And Simon was exactly the man to give it to him. He was everything Gavin needed. And though Gavin was standing in his own way for a great deal of the book, Simon saw exactly what Gavin needed and gave it to him when he could.

I really liked that these guys were flawed and that they both knew it. They could see it within themselves, even if they weren’t ready to change things. Both Simon and Gavin needed the other to push them passed that point so that they could move forward. I liked, too, that this story didn’t end with some great big, heartfelt declaration of love. These guys were at that point yet, and there wasn’t enough story to make that kind of ending believable. But oh, you guys, the beauty here is that the ending is perfect for this story, exactly in keeping with the characters, and I finished it with a smile on my face.

Looking for a quick, heartfelt, in depth BDSM read? Then this book is the one for you. We have two well written, well-crafted characters who make us care about them and really invest in their story. There’s nothing truly ground breaking here, but what this story has is a clear voice, a concise narrative, and a really pleasant style that sucked me in and carried me along. Add to that the chemistry and connection between the MCs and I barely even moved until I’d read the whole thing.  Recommended.

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