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Trust is part of the Temptation series and this review may contain spoilers for the previous books.

“You make me so fucking happy.  I had no idea I never was before.” -Logan

Logan and Tate have come a long way since Logan asked Tate just to try. Logan thought he was happy until Tate showed him what he didn’t even know he was missing. With a tough exterior presented to the world, Logan starts to really let Tate in.

Tate has fully owned his relationship with a man and his relationship with Logan. Although he is still reeling from being disowned by his family, Tate knows that life is not possible anymore without Logan by his side.

When Logan asks for a more permanent definition to their relationship, Tate stalls, feeling not good enough next to Logan’s professional success. But Logan is used to getting what he wants and he wants all of Tate all of the time. Before Tate has a chance to change his mind, life hits them in a way no one saw coming.

Neither man was looking for the other, and neither man expected his feelings to be so intense and so life altering. They just have to let go and trust in what is right in front of them.

Trust marks the third book in the Temptations series and should be read in order. This book and this entire series completely work for me on every level. What I first liked about this installment (which was true in the second book as well) is that the story picks up right where the previous one left off. What I have really enjoyed about this series as a whole, is that both Logan and Tate stay true to character throughout the entire series, while at the same time offering tremendous growth. Where they wind up when the book is finished is not where either man expected he would ever be.

This book offers everything you would want. It is engaging, intimate, emotional, sexy, hot, and tender. Every scene has a purpose from the start of the series all the way through to the end. Logan started out in the first book with his motto of “try, take, and top,” and now he is so far past that and more interested in starting a real life with Tate. They are both bossy, they are both needy, and they have such a great dynamic together. It’s just a love story…that’s hot.

Logan had been calling more of the shots, but now Tate knows exactly what he wants and he’s stepping it up. The entire book is incredibly well paced and even when life hits them hard, the events are not dragged out unnecessarily. Again, I will say how much Logan’s character matures and grows and it becomes increasingly evident that Tate is the single most important aspect in his life. The only area that didn’t quite fulfill all of my expectations was the area of Chris. The resolution there did not quite match the build up throughout the series. But, it did not take away from the main focus, which was the relationship between Logan and Tate.

The guys continue to stay so hot for other, it just never gets old, and they just really enjoy being with each other. Logan is still speaking his mind, still has no patience, and still loves when Tate gets down and dirty. There are so many awesome lines when they open up to each other and they are just so grateful to be with each other, but it’s not overdone. Even when they are fully committed to each other they still remain so in awe of each other. They are still hesitant at times as to what to expect and it creates a good contrast to their otherwise confident demeanors.

This entire series was such a great ride and each book will be there on my list of favorites. Each book built upon the next and there was a great balance of full on story to scorchingly hot scenes. If you have followed this series, Trust is the perfect setting to continue to hang out with Logan and Tate.

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