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Length: Novella

Romeo’s the name. Remember it because you’re going to be screaming it later.

A patch member of the Outlaw MC, Romeo likes to flirt and feel good, although he’s a submissive at heart. Danger is no problem for him as he continues to fight alongside his MC brothers against the corrupt government. His world gets a whole lot darker and a whole lot more dangerous when he his caught with a man, an offense punishable by death. With the government issuing a warrant for his execution, Romeo must leave the Outlaw MC to join the Underground MC that lives hidden away.

Justice has survived slavery and is now the president of the Underground MC. He’s solely focused on bringing down the corrupt government until Romeo, all blonde and flirty, lands in his path. Although Justice agrees to take Romeo in, he’s sure it’s just a matter of time before Romeo’s inability to keep his pants zipped resurfaces and he becomes a liability. Justice has painful scars, both physical and emotional, and when his life is once again in danger, he sure doesn’t expect Romeo to be the one to come to his rescue. Can the men handle their increasing need for each other on a planet where they cannot be seen in public?

With Teeth and Tongue is the fourth book in the Outlaw MC series. I said this after book three and it’s worth repeating. This series gets better with each book. So here’s the deal– I really like this author’s voice. His first person narrative puts you up close and personal with the cast of characters for each book. The beginning of each book starts with a government file for the current main character, which offers a quick snapshot of his background. The style works really well as an immediate sense of the character is offered upfront. There is then the prologue, which quickly outlines the laws of society.

Romeo likes to play. Of course, he has been warned many times by Outlaw, but this time he is seen with a man by the Peacekeepers and if they can catch him, it’s an automatic death sentence. Justice has been introduced in previous books, but here all of his secrets are revealed. The men are attracted to each other immediately with Romeo taking the lead and trying to entice Justice. There is some game playing going on, but given their circumstances as well as the length of the book, the men get together quickly, although they invite some other friends in initially.

This book also features an unspoken theme of the series, which features more insta-love for men who otherwise had no use for commitment. It’s just how this series rolls and Cox once again shows the inner soft side of these bikers when they find love.

On the surface, Romeo is just the guy that likes to feel good. But, when Justice needs him, he certainly rallies and a whole other side of his character plays out as there is much more to him than initially seen. This book offers more action and advances the plot of the war against the government as the government continues to up their game and takes yet one more stand to ultimately stay in control. There are scenes that are erotic as expected, but the storyline is also heavier and goes into what Justice endured during his time as a slave. We also see the very beginning of Outlaw unraveling since Lover was taken prisoner, but there is not a whole lot of time spent with him in this book. This series remains entertaining all around and although this book marks the halfway point of the series, there is still half yet to come. Start with the first book and discover life on Mars with the Outlaw MC.

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