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Luke Moore lives with a set of very clear rules, and that includes never getting attached to any man. In fact, Luke never even sleeps with the same guy more than once. With his membership to Haven, a gay sex club, that is pretty easy as there are new men to choose from every night. One evening, Luke heads to Haven with a very specific goal, and that’s to find two guys for an evening of light bondage and hot sex. He finds just what he is looking for in Matthew and Richard.

From the moment the three men get together, Luke finds himself responding to the men in ways he hasn’t to anyone in years. It is not just the crazy hot chemistry between the three of them, but also more touching, more kissing, more interest in their feelings. After that night, Luke is determined that he won’t see the men again, but he can’t get them out of his head. And when he runs into both Richard and Matthew the next time he is at Haven, Luke can’t help but decide to break his rules and spend more time with them.

throwback thursdaySlowly Richard and Matthew become more and more important to Luke and he find himself not just sleeping with them, but also dating, moving in together, and falling in love with them. But Luke’s reasons for wanting to keep emotional distance are not insignificant. He has a monster of a father who hates him for being gay and does everything in his power to ruin Luke’s life. Luke is afraid to open his heart to Richard and Matthew for fear of not only losing them, but also what might happen to them if his father learns about their relationship. For the first time in his adult life Luke is happy and in a wonderful, loving relationship, and he can’t bear to give that up. But before he can have a real future with Matthew and Richard, his father may come along and ruin it all for him.

More is one of the first menage stories I read when I started m/m romance, and it is an old favorite that I have reread many times. When I heard that Parker was releasing the long-awaited second book in the series, I decided this would be a great time to pick this one back up and review it for a Throwback Thursday post.

One of the things that most appeals to me about this story is the way these three characters are so well drawn. Luke, Matthew, and Richard are such interesting and distinct characters, each with their own personalities and ways of behaving. Even the way they move and interact physically is different. So even with three MCs to keep track of, I always felt like I could understand who each of these men are and what they are about. This is particularly noteworthy since this story is told in Luke’s single POV, which is not so common in menage stories. Despite the fact that we see these men only through his eyes, I always felt like I could understand them and their motivation and feelings. They are all just so well developed and the three men work so beautifully in their relationship together. We can completely see why they are drawn to one another, what they each contribute to the relationship, and why they work as a threesome. I also think Parker does a nice job of making this Luke’s story, but also giving us growth in all these characters. Richard, in particular, struggles with control issues and we see him grow and adapt as the story progresses.

While much of the story is focused on the three men coming together into a relationship and Luke accepting his feelings for them, intertwined into that is the conflict with Luke’s father. We know from the start that this man is having Luke followed and that Luke is doing everything he can to avoid interacting with him. As the story continues, his father’s behavior escalates and the situation becomes more dire, especially as Luke accepts his feelings for Matthew and Richard and is determined not to give them up. We get the backstory on what started this whole conflict and the horrific things his father has done and continues to do, but it unfolds slowly over the course of the book and the real reveal doesn’t happen until about tw0-thirds of the way through the story. I found that left a lot of time where we see Luke agonizing and angsting without us really understanding why. Now once we know what is really going on, it totally makes sense why Luke is skittish about a relationship or getting emotionally involved with anyone. But in the meantime, we get a lot of internal monologue of Luke questioning his behavior and reiterating to himself how much he doesn’t do the things he is doing (repeat sex, touching, kissing, dating, etc) without enough explanation to the reader as to why. I think we either need the key information earlier, or the middle of the story needs to be trimmed down so there is not quite as long a wait.

After multiple re-reads, this story is still a favorite. I am really excited that the next book is out, this one in Richard’s POV (with Matthew’s planned as well), and can’t wait to read it. I find the relationship between these men so satisfying and love them as triad so much together. They are sweet and romantic, but also super sexy (and this book is definitely full of juicy sex scenes). I am really excited to continue on with the series.

P.S. There is a related spin off series and the first story, How to Save a Life, features Luke’s best friend Walter who we meet in More. The books can be read independently, but if you want more in this world, that is a good one to check out.

Note: This book has been rereleased from its original publication with some very slight changes and a new cover and is now self-published.

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