Today I am so pleased to welcome Chris T. Kat to Joyfully Jay. Chris has come to talk to us about her latest release, Breeding Stations. She has also brought along a great giveaway! Please join me in giving Chris a big welcome!


Thanks so much, Jay, for having me back on your blog. I’m excited to share an exclusive excerpt from Breeding Stations, my new science fiction story, and the first book in my Alliances series, with you and your readers.

In Breeding Stations, Berit Turner and his team land on a planet called Ligador. They expect an earth-like planet with no apparent dangers. They couldn’t be more wrong. Dinosaur-like creatures chase them, and not all of them will leave the planet alive. I established a few war beasts that have been created by the Tash’Ba, an alien race. The Tash’Ba combined genes of ancient Earth fossils with some of their world’s worst predators. Let’s have a look at the war beasts appearing in Breeding Stations:

  • Perons are flying creatures with a wings span of roughly six feet. They look like oversized parrots and usually attack in flocks.
  • Elgoths resemble a Tyrannosaurus. They carry themselves on two hulking hind legs and a heavy tail. The creature’s head reminds Berit of a lizard. Elgoths can’t detect prey if it doesn’t move since they’re near-sighted. They depend mostly on their sense of touch.
  • Rams are heavily muscled creatures with greenish-yellow scales and a red ridge on their heads. They fight with their razor-like claws, and communicate via trills and whistles.
  • Mandrox are small animals that resemble meerkats, though they’re not as friendly as meerkats. They’ve got a long snout lined with sharp, little teeth. They attack in groups, and don’t wait to feast on their prey before it’s dead…
  • Rhelz are large, plated beasts. They resemble oversized rhinos, but have crystal-blue eyes. It’s almost impossible to win a fight against a rhelz because of it’s overlapping plates and horned head.

Intrigued? I hope so. Berit, however, would love to never see a war beast again…


Exclusive excerpt from Chapter Three

A large creature, easily forty feet tall, smashed through the forest and undergrowth. It stopped maybe fifty feet away from us and cocked its head to the side, scrutinizing us. It stood on two hulking hind legs; a heavy tail trailed behind. The creature’s head reminded me of a lizard—just that I’d never seen such a monstrous lizard except in books and—

“This can’t be true,” I said. “That… that looks like a dinosaur.”

Next to me, Sherman chanted “Oh God. Oh God” over and over again. I had no idea where Flix and Grappler were. Darting a glance around, I spied Flix crouched below a fallen trunk, pulling at something. Grappler. Flix was trying to free Grappler, who seemed to be stuck underneath two trees.

“Tom, let go! I gotta help Grappler and Flix.”

“Do. Not. Move.”

“What?” I nudged my elbow sharply into his ribcage.

The dinosaur-like creature’s head snaked in our direction. It blinked its reptilian amber eyes, then stretched up to its full impressive height and roared. Leaves trickled from the trees surrounding it as if the leaves were too scared to stay close to this… this monster. Another roar answered.

My heart didn’t thump anymore—it thundered. I shook all over when the creature standing only a few feet away from us changed its roar to some sort of clicking sound, before it tilted its head to wait for an answer.

“This is an elgoth,” Tom whispered.

“That means zilch to me.”

“An elgoth is a creation of the Tash’Ba. They combined genes from ancient Earth fossils with some of their world’s worst predators. That way they can get rid of any unwanted inhabitants on planets they plan to colonize.”

“Why would they want to live on a planet with these things?” I gave a curt nod to the still attentively listening creature.

“They kill them.”

“Fine. Then that’s what we’ll do as well.”

Tom’s breath ghosted across my cheek when he replied, “We can’t. You need a special genetic destructor.”

“How do we get out of here? Alive, I mean.”

“Maybe they’ll lose interest and go hunting somewhere else. They can’t detect us if we don’t move,” Tom explained.

“Why not? Bad eyesight?”

“Nearsighted, if I recall correctly. They depend mostly on their sense of touch.”

Despite not really wanting to know the answer, I asked, “What happens if they find us?”

“They’ll be a lot less hungry than they were before,” Tom replied in an icy voice.

Chilled, I peered up at him. “They view us as prey? I don’t think I like their attitude. What the hell is it doing? Talking? Calling the cavalry?”

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Breeding Stations by Chris T. KatSpunky commander Berit Turner is known for two things: his huge libido and his lack of a filter—he says what he thinks. Berit sets his mind on being part of the mission to Ligador, to make sure the planet is habitable for humans. He’s ecstatic when his team is assigned to the task force. A delegation of Nadisc, a humanoid alien race, accompanies them, and passion ignites between Berit and their commanding officer, Tom. But Berit is determined that Tom is just another notch on his bedpost, as he doesn’t do relationships.

The excursion to Ligador goes wrong from the beginning, when they discover Ligador has been established as a breeding station by their worst enemy: the Tash’Ba. Dinosaur-like creatures become the team’s worst nightmare, and staying alive is going to take everything they’ve got… and then some.


Chris T. Kat lives in the middle of Europe, where she shares a house with her husband of many years and their two children. She stumbled upon the M/M genre by luck and was swiftly drawn into it. She divides her time between work, her family—which includes chasing after escaping horses and lugging around huge instruments such as a harp—and writing. She enjoys a variety of genres, such as mystery/suspense, paranormal, and romance. If there’s any spare time, she happily reads for hours, listens to audiobooks or does cross stitch.

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