Today I am so pleased to welcome Limor Moyal to Joyfully Jay. Limor has come to talk to us about her latest release, Chariots on the Highway. She has also brought along a great give away. Please join me in giving Limor a big welcome!

Chariots on the Highway - Israeli gay romance

Your book is originally in Hebrew and takes place in Israel. How do those facts affect the story?
Well I decided to be the first Israeli woman to write a gay romance in Hebrew. We actually have none, and it is sad and I decided to change that.

The setting in Israel and the fact that the plot is very Israeli makes it very unique for readers because it gives the book added value. Not only you get your fix of gay for you hot story, you get to travel to Israel and enjoy her unique scenery. I think that every book that opens you to new things, and teaches you something you didn’t know before reading it, will leave a stronger impact on you in the long run

Paspajak PatrolWhat was the most difficult scene to write?
I think the hardest part was the argument between Dan and Ehud. It’s extremely political, religious, emotional conversation that came from personal liberal beliefs that I felt that I need to express in the book

What’s the most difficult part of writing a sex scene?
Well obviously the fact that I never experience this kind of sex since I’m a female, but I think sex is sex regardless the gender of participants, especially if there are emotions involved, and in this case they only started touching after they were involved emotionally in so many aspects, and that fact made it easy.

What’s your favorite part about writing a sex scene?
To check if it’s working

I read it, and if it has the desired effect on me, I know I nailed it. I think the best thing about being a woman and writing a gay sex scene, is that it actually kind of living your fantasy because you can never really be one of your characters.

I’ll even say that the best thing about writing in general is the ability to fly with your mind to places that the real you could never reach.

What kind of research went into this book?
Military research, including learning the radio communication codes, twice actually because the original book is in Hebrew and its completely different codes.

The battle in Lebanon is based on real events so I had to investigate it and write it as accurate as possible, same goes to the medical procedures taking place in the story. I worked with a medical doctor to make sure it’s all valid.

And most importantly the sessions Dan has with his shrink are all backed up by a psychologist that is working mainly with GLBT and their families, and has a lot of experience with the issues Dan is having in the book. So basically the story is very realistic facts wise.

What made you decide to write this genre?
Firstly it is my favorite genre as a reader so naturally I couldn’t think about writing anything else. I believe that in order to write a good book you need to write what you would love to read, don’t try to be something else just to sell more books. It’s true that M/M is a smaller market than general contemporary romance, but I don’t find it interesting to read so what is the point trying to write it.

Second reason because I’m a liberal and support gay rights, so being able to help in that aspect is a great opportunity, especially in Israel because here the book is a unique phenomenon and many mainstream readers are reading it, and discovering what is gay love and that gay love is just like straight love, that discovery sometimes can change their point of view and even shift their political views, if I get even one person to open up and support gay rights, I will be a happier human being.

And the third reason is because something about gay love is so strong, because it goes against so many factors. As a gay person you have to fight society, your family and friends, and sometimes even yourself to be able to love freely, and if you choose to make all this sacrifices just to be with the one you love, that is, for me a very bold move and show how deep is that love. Great circumstances to start a book.

Where do you like to write? Home? Coffee shop? Subway ride to work? Somewhere else?
In bed with the lights off.

Which of your characters is your favorite? Why?
All of them because when I finished the book I realized that they are all me, every one of them representing a piece of me that together with the other pieces forms the whole, which is me. Even the unpleasant characters represent the parts of me which I don’t really like, but are still part of who I am.

Which of your characters would you like to meet in person? What would you say or do with that character?
Ehud – I would slap him and tell him to get his head out of his ass!


Chariots on the HighwayEvery year, young men come from all over the world to join the IDF and fight for Israel. They leave everything behind and becoming what known as lone soldiers.

Tom, a young man from Kansas, has traveled to Israel to fight for his people. He came to fight, He came to escape.

Dan Green has it all. He owns Greentech technologies, lives in a small mention near Tel Aviv, and looks like a movie star. But his blue eyes, hiding a storm that threatens to smash him.

The end of his marriage to Lena, his memories of his late father, his disappointment with himself and his internal wars, pushing him towards the edge.

Dan and Tom cross paths at a crucial point in their lives. None of them thought that what began as volunteering mission, will change everything they thought they knew.

This is a journey of exploration and discovery. About asking the right questions and finding the answers.

In traffic jams of Ayalon Highway, the bustle of the city, on the battlefield, and deep in their dreams. Together they peel layers of pain, and find themselves.


Limor MoyalMy name is Limor Moyal, I was born in Israel on the night of October 4th 1973, straight into the battle clouds of the Yom Kippur War. I was born curious, alert and passionate about everything that the world around me has to offer. Curiosity and desire, these two traits lead me to any choice and decision I made in life. I explore anything that catches my interest and attention, I’m a true believer in ‘CARPE DIEM’, and act on my dreams, never postponing them. As I see it, life is short and sweet and I you should never do things tomorrow if they can be done today. I consider myself an artist. I love art and I love words, combining the two together is my way to express myself, which reflects my artistic personality as well as my romantic yet realistic soul. When I’m writing it feels like sculpting with words, just like real art, only the materials I’m using are adjectives, metaphors, and descriptive images. Even before I started writing I was, and still am, a devout reader. I read a lot, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that I read three books a week. I read mostly English, since I’m a big believer in reading the original language, (even though my native tounge is Hebrew). I read novels of all genres, mostly contemporary but I do read historic novels from time to time (Mystery, Paranormal, Military, MM) and of course I also read classics (Bronte, Austen, Fitzgerald, Virginia Woolf) as well as known contemporary writers like Haruki Murikmi and Paul Oster. The classics were those who shaped me as a person and a reader. When I begin a relationship with a book, the connection starts without any preconditions from me, except for the basic requirement that the book would not insult my intelligence, but I can easily manage with everything else (dirty talk, taboo content, out of comfort zone content, or dark materials are welcomed). Between me and a book there is a very symbiotic connection, I give him my time, my heart and the utmost respect and openness, and in exchange I expect the book to teach me, excite me, maybe even change me, shake me and leave me with something that was not there before. A book that manages to do so will receive a special spot in my heart and perhaps a review here on the site or on Goodreads, in order to share the experience with you. Then one day I felt ready, that I’m all grown up (I always said I wanted to be a writer when I grew up) and when the time came, I wrote my first book “Chariots on the Highway” a gay romance (The original name in Hebrew is “Chariots on the Ayalon”)


Limor has brought copies of her book to give away to readers on the tour. Just follow the Rafflectopter code below to enter. 

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