A Boy Called CinRating: 3.25 stars
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Length: Novel

Tom is a 40-year-old, billionaire tech industry genius who buys a cup of coffee for a 20-year-old college student he sees waiting outside the college hall where he is giving a lecture. Struck by the beauty of the young man, Tom invites him to dinner.

Cin hasn’t had a date in quite a while. While drawn to Tom, Cin is convinced they are too different from one another for there to be anything between them: rich/poor; old/young…except the two of them have more in common than either of them knows.

Both Tom and Cin are uncomfortable with their assigned genders. Tom is a bisexual gender queer. Cin is bisexual and transgender.

Cin is short for Hyacinth, though it should be for cynical. Despite his pessimistic outlook, I found myself liking him as a character. Maybe because of what he has gone through, even in his short life, Cin seems to be more open to experiencing different things, being more comfortable with his sexuality than Tom.

Tom came across as being incredibly naïve. Openly bisexual and 40 years old, one would think that he would have some experience. Add in that his sister, Poppy, is also a transsexual, one would think that he would have some knowledge about the process.

While there are sexual activities going on, they are far from being erotica and read more like a sensual romance. Readers should also know that these aren’t your typical sex scenes, with Cin’s vagina and Tom’s penis both off limits, it makes for some improvising. While one would think this would make things interesting between the sheets, the writing and dialogue reads more like a technical manual where one is being told what is going on rather than a romance novel where readers feel what the characters are feeling.

Overall, I really liked the idea of this story, but I felt as if the writing just wasn’t there for me.

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