ConstantRating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Roddy never planned on falling in love, especially not with his Dom from the local BDSM club where he’s been a regular patron of Master Vegas for the last two years. Though their scenes haven’t included sexual relations, this hasn’t stopped Roddy from dreaming about it.

Master Vegas, known as Andrew outside of the club scene where he works for the Community Center, hasn’t been in a relationship since his last boyfriend called him a freak. Though he finds himself drawn to Roddy, he questions whether he can balance a relationship with his Dom lifestyle.

After a particularly stressful week, Roddy seeks out Master Vegas at the club. Adding sexual gratification into their scenes, Roddy and Andrew struggle with play versus reality. Can these two find a balance between their real lives and their D/s lifestyle?

I will preface this review by stating this book is a novella. As with most novellas, readers don’t get a whole lot of “extra” in terms of storyline. This is one of those books where I would have liked the book to have been a bit longer.

This book starts two years after these two men have been in a D/s relationship that didn’t include sex. Now, two years later, they all of a sudden decide to incorporate sex into their play sessions. For a couple who takes two years to get to the point where they are ready for sex, to move to declaring their love for each other after only two days in a relationship seemed a bit rushed. As a reader, it felt as if I was missing the backstory between these two characters. Why was Roddy falling in love with his Dom? Why did Andrew feel as if he could risk a relationship with Roddy after all this time?

The sex scenes between these two were off the charts. Imagine… Master Vegas, this hulking man, with Roddy, who self describes himself as a dork. Yet, I was disappointed that there wasn’t a whole lot of BDSM action besides a bit of spanking and minor knife play going on.

Overall, this book was a quick, sexy read with a decent story line for a novella.

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