Cronin's Key IIRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Note: This review is for the second book in the series and may contain spoilers.

Alec and Cronin have survived the battle in Egypt. They are now able to enjoy spending all of their time together. As the men are still concerned about Alec’s safety, they don’t go out much. Alec, who is used to the busy life of a detective, is bored. It doesn’t take long, however, for Alec and Cronin to be thrust back into another battle where the prize is Alec, or more specifically, his blood.

They know now that Alec’s blood is special, although its true purpose still remains a mystery. Since Alec cannot be changed into a vampire, Cronin can drink Alex’s blood whenever the urge strikes him–which is often. While drinking Alec’s powerful blood is both erotic and life sustaining, it leaves after effects that no one imagined and their fated bond intensifies to dizzying depths.

With the help of foresight that is full of riddles and danger lurking behind every turn, a battle awaits them where they will finally determine what Alec means to the vampire world.

This second book in the Cronin’s Key series picks up where the first one left off and the books should be read in order. Walker once again propels us into the contemporary world that is built upon the history of the past. The past that once again is not what Alec has learned as this past is filled with vampires. There is history (or rewritten history) to be found and for the most part it is accessible. There are parts that would certainly appeal more to those who love history.

Cronin and Alec are able to spend all of their time together and their fated bond is becoming dangerously close. They can barely stand to be away from each other and when they are separated it is unbearable. Their bond was one aspect that was a highlight to read about as the men are in physical pain when they are apart. Cronin is possessive and growls often as his need for Alec intensifies. They know that Alec’s blood is special. They just don’t understand why.

There is a balance to this story of the love between Cronin and Alec, to the history of vampires, to friendship and family. There is plenty of action as the men are forced upon a journey to figure out what Alec’s destiny is. There are many unique angles that this story takes on, but there are also some familiar players that we meet along the way. There is the seer, whose eyes are of no use but has a psychic gift, and there is a child vampire that speaks in riddles. Some of these more common elements did detract from the uniqueness of the story.

The vampires here are quite tame. I would have liked to have seen some more darkness and some more heat. I loved the pull of Cronin and Alec being fated mates and their ever increasing need for each other. I would have been really interested to see more with the men and their blood bond, for as much as they needed to be near each other every moment, their intimate scenes lacked intensity.

This second book delivers with continuity and writing that flows well from one scene to the next. It is imaginative and propels you to read on. With a cast of characters and the pull of history, Walker crafts a follow-up that offers great closure to the next phase of Cronin and Alec’s forever. There is a third book expected and I will await their next adventure and the next chapter in their love story.

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