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Don’t you just love it when the sequel is just as good as the first in a series—maybe even a bit better? A.M. Arthur’s latest novel in her Restoration series, Finding Their Way, carries us back into the bar Pot O’ Gold and to one of its bartenders, Riley. Picking up where the first story ended, James and Nathan are together and recovering from their horrific assault and their friends are doing everything they can to take care of each other.

Some might remember the quiet yet hulking Donald Boxwood, aka Boxer, who is one of the gang and best friends with James and Elliott. Recently jilted by his boyfriend, Boxer attends a private party where BDSM is the order of the night and his need to be dominated is first on his list. Spying one of the bartenders from their local bar, Boxer is rather shocked to see the usually private man on display and possibly about to be raped. Insisting that the gag be removed from Riley’s mouth and confirming what Boxer suspected, he brings the younger man home so that he can recover from the drug he was given to make him compliant.

Thus begins a slow building romance that carries both men into territory they have never been in before. Bit by bit, Boxer reveals his need to be dominated in the bedroom and Riley slowly explores what it might be like to be a Dom. However, Riley’s secrets are long and deep and when he finds out that the cop who helped James and Nathan is someone he knows, Riley must make the decision to run and hide or face his abusive past once and for all.

I love this group of friends A.M. Arthur has created for us. They are loyal and caring to a fault, but also willing to confront each other and call each on their bullshit. In short, they are the type of people we all need in our lives, in spades. Continuing to weave their lives together, Arthur pulls into the story a marginal character that once had intimate contact with James and knows Elliott. Riley is not your typical broken character by a long shot. Seemingly a weaker man, he has a backbone of steel, but the lack of self-esteem to carry it to the fore. This plays so well against Boxer, who is perhaps the most caring and loyal person ever to grace the written page. Always speaking the truth, Boxer pulls Riley out of his darker places and begins to instill in the man a sense of worth and of trust formerly lacking from Riley’s life.

This story is not a dramatic one or even overly complicated, but the characters are so very well drawn, believable, and charismatic that they become the focus of this sweet romance. With never more than light BDSM thrown in the mix, the sexual content of this novel was incredibly sensual and hot. Combine that with a life-changing event concerning Elliott and you have the perfect set up for the next novel in this series and I, for one, cannot wait to read it!

Finding Their Way is a very worthy addition to the Restoration series and one fans of this author must read. I highly recommend it to you!

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