Into the LightRating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novel

After so long spent in darkness from years of abuse and self-loathing, Avery is coming into the light. Once dependent upon his foster-brother for his well-being, Avery has spent the past year in intensive therapy and in a committed relationship with Noah. As the two embark on their new life together, a piece of Noah’s past reappears. Can Avery prevent his past from sucking him back into the darkness?

This is the second book in the Avery series by Carter Quinn. This is not a standalone novel; readers will have to begin with the first book, Out of the Blackness, in order to appreciate this book. The continuation of Avery’s journey, this book begins one year after the first story ended as Noah and Avery are moving in together. In the past year, Avery has undergone intensive therapy. He’s lived on his own for several months after Sam and Kira got married.

Despite all the progress Avery has made, life happens. Sam and Kira are expecting a child and aren’t sure how Avery will react. When people from his past return to his life, Sam’s reaction threatens to throw Avery off track as his one supporter is anything but supportive of him rekindling that relationship.

What I loved most about this book was that it brought me a sense of peace after having read the first book in this series. The characters I loved were back. I was able to see how far Avery progressed from the insecure, beaten down young man that he was. I was able to finally hear Noah’s voice.

If you haven’t read the Avery series, go get it now!

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