Lead me to youRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Henry loves his boyfriend and would do anything that Jaime asks. Even going deep underground on his birthday, because that’s what Jaime wants. Though Henry is slightly claustrophobic, he trusts Jaime and knows that something special is planned.  When they make it to their destination, Henry is astounded by the gorgeous sight, and even more pleased when he gets to have his way with Jaime. But he never imagined exactly what big surprise Jaime has up his sleeve.

Oh, guys, this was a cute, sweet, lovely little story that sucked me in and held my attention. Henry is the narrator, and we get to know him pretty well in the short space we see them. He’s a little bit of a surprise, being a geek and also not afraid of his sexual side. I liked his confidence where it came to Jaime. I liked that he’d be willing to go deep into a cave, all because Jaime asked. It sets up the events really nicely, and gives us a good overall understanding of the characters.

The author does a good job with the short story medium, something that’s not always easy. While I would have liked just a little bit more information about the characters and what got them to this point, it wasn’t strictly necessary and it was easy to jump into their lives. Nicely done short that’s perfect for the time when you only have a half an hour or so to spare, and you just need a little romance.

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