Today we have reviews for two more stories from the 2015 Dreamspinner Daily Dose set, Never Too Late. The first is for Love Has No Expiration by C.S. Poe, and the second is for Until I Found by by B.G. Thomas. 


Love Has No ExpirationRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Daniel works hard as a private chef in New York City. He has built up a successful business, which leaves no room or time for anything else. Being in his mid-forties, Daniel feels that his chance for love has come and gone. He thinks he really doesn’t have time for a relationship, and although he is lonely, he definitely thinks he’s just too old.

Keith has several jobs, but it’s the one at the farmer’s market that brings Daniel into his line of sight. There is attraction, but Daniel has no idea why the younger Keith would take a chance on him. He brushes off Keith’s attempts at flirting as he’s worried about his career and worried about his age. Keith is persistent, but Daniel may just sabotage his chance to be truly happy.

This is an easy to read, a lighter story of finding love later in life. It’s mostly Daniel’s story as it is told from his point of view and we don’t learn all that much about Keith. Daniel is set in his ways and, although he would like a relationship, he can’t quite seem to make time for one. Keith is a breath of fresh air and although he works three jobs and goes to school, he will certainly make the time for the right man. Being a short story, their relationship evolves quickly, captures Daniel’s fears and insecurities, and allows Keith to add some humor. Recommended as a feel good short story and a good addition when added to a larger collection of stories.

Until I Found YouRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

Christopher has a rewarding job as a history teacher, a supportive family, and close friends. He just can’t seem to find the right guy and his late boyfriend turned out to be a disaster. The one bright spot is his dog, Frost. Christopher rescued Frost when the dog had been abandoned outside. Then, Frost vanishes with no leads.

Doyle had an amazing partner for over 20 years until his partner passed away. Doyle is lost and his house feels so empty, so he decides to adopt a dog. The dog is frightened and sad and together they help each other live again. Then, almost a year later, Christopher spots Doyle walking Frost. Frost wants both men in his life and, if he gets his way, Christopher and Doyle may also find just what they need.

This is just a sweet and gentle story. There is just enough time to get a sense of both men as well as one fluffy white dog. Christopher is 29 to Doyle’s 44. His choices in men and the eventual demise of his relationships have left him wary of dating. He dotes on Frost and when Frost goes missing, Christopher’s heart is broken. Doyle’s heart is already broken due to the death of his partner and a sweet, lonely dog becomes his lifeline.

The story revolves around the men figuring out how to handle the dog situation and coming to terms with their attraction to each other. The form a bond, but Doyle doesn’t know how to handle the age difference as well as moving on and leaving his deceased partner behind.

While there were a couple of contradictions or discrepancies, this story offers a cute dog, ice cream, binge TV watching, a meddling friend who means well, and two guys trying to get over themselves in order to move on to a fresh start.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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