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After pretty much saving the world from a SPECTR agent intent on creating his own demon army, things should be good for Agent John Starkweather and his boyfriend(s) Caleb/Gray. With Gray’s help, John and Caleb are now working together at SPECTR hunting down bad guys and the three of them are happily in love. But the aftermath of the incident at Fort Sumter is more long lasting than they anticipated. Pretty much everyone is either scared of or angry at Caleb and Gray and make it clear they don’t want him around. Rather than getting commendations for their actions, they are getting chastised for breaking the rules and allying with the Vigilant. Caleb, in particular, feels awful that his actions may have negatively affected John’s career at SPECTR.

The guys have no choice but to muddle through though, especially when a new case comes their way. There is some sort of supernatural killer stealing people’s hearts right out of their bodies. Now John, Caleb, and Gray, along with their new partner, must figure out what this creature is that is doing the killing and how to stop it before it takes more victims.

So I made no secret when I read the first season how much I totally adore Hawk’s SPECTR series. I read all six books straight through and couldn’t put them down. So I was so excited to pick up this first book in the new season and see what else is in store for our three heroes. Unfortunately, things are pretty rough for them as their fellow agents are very clear they don’t want Caleb and Gray around. John is so sweet and trusting and hopeful, he can barely process the idea that people hate him, hate the men he loves, and want nothing to do with them. But these guys face an uphill battle, especially as they have a new boss now that their old one is heading up SPECTR’s national office. On top of that, they have a new partner, a rookie agent who is all wide-eyed adoration for Caleb and Gray, but who they fear will be disillusioned quickly and want nothing to do with them as well. We can see right from the start that these guys face a rough situation, but there are signs of progress as the story continues.

Once again Hawk gives us a really clever mystery and supernatural angle. I am always impressed by the new and creative creatures and storylines that we get in this series. This time they face a raven mocker who is stealing people’s hearts. It is so entertaining to see these guys go up against all these different foes and figure out what they are and how to beat them.

On the personal end, I continue to love these three together. Caleb and Gray are so intertwined, I love the way they work together so seamlessly as they co-inhabit Caleb’s body. It is so impressive to me the way Hawk makes the distinction between these two characters, in their personalities, the way they walk and carry themselves, and the way they talk. It is always so clear which man is in the forefront, just from the way she writes the character. I am so impressed with the little details that show their personalities even as they share a body.

This book is the first in the new second season of the series, and as such there is a lot of set up here for things going forward. After the whirlwind that was the end of the first season, this book doesn’t move quite as fast, but that is to be expected. I have no doubt things will develop from here and it is still quite interesting and engaging.

So I continue to love this series and so highly recommend it. You are going to definitely want to start with the first book, Hunter of Demons, and read through the first season before you start this one, as they build upon one another. But I can’t recommend these strongly enough, so definitely check them all out.

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