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Length: Novel

Phillip Jorgensen tried to be the person his parents expected…straight. Marrying his best friend, he assumed that their marriage could survive. When their marriage fell apart, they initially shared custody until someone saw him out on a date holding another man’s hand. When his ex found out, she was determined he would never see the children again…and he hasn’t, for six years. Since then, his life has consisted of searching for his children and marking time by purchasing presents for his kids to show them that he never forgot them. When his twin brother encourages him to start living again, Phillip joins a gay gym.

Vance Pierce is attracted to the newest member of the gym. Determined to get to know him, he sets out to be is gym buddy/spotter. When the two are involved in an accident, their relationship begins to move on fast-forward as Vance is forced to rely on Phillip until he mends. Moving in together, they just begin to settle when a phone call changes their lives.

Phillip’s children have been found. With them returning home after six years, Vance feels he needs to step away so that Phillip can reconnect with his children who were physically and mentally abused. Can their new relationship handle the return of Phillip’s kids? Can Phillip’s children accept Vance in their lives?

This was a fast-paced story that kept me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end. With a cast of main and secondary characters, the author brings to life this story that pulled at my heart strings. While I connected primarily with Phillip as his despair sucked me in from the very first pages, each of the characters is well developed and contributes to the story line.

Yet, it felt as if the story was rushed. Phillip and Vance are gym buddies, spend a weekend together, and profess their love to one another…which I could understand if we actually had any of the story about their interactions together at the gym besides just working out together. The children return, yet we don’t really learn much about what happened to man who helped Phillip’s ex-wife kidnap and hide them for six years. The children are exceptionally resilient and are normal, happy kids in no time at all.

I was disappointed that there wasn’t a whole lot of Phillip and Vance time. As noted already, we weren’t really privy to their interactions at the gym all that much, but then we don’t really get all that much romance after either. Yes, there is intimacy between them, but not a whole lot to explain why they love each other.

There was also a lot of filler that seemed unnecessary to the story line. For instance, there is a whole chapter devoted to readying Phillip’s house for Vance to come and recuperate. Other than showing readers how wonderful Philipp’s brother and sister-in-law were, I didn’t understand why so much time was needed to cover something that could have been covered in about a paragraph.

Overall, I thought the book was good read that kept me invested in the story from the beginning to the end. If you are looking for something to read that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions, this is the book for you!

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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