Out of the BlueRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel

The first time Jake and Cameron saw each other, they knew they would be together. Nine years later they are still in love and one look from the other can still make their blood hum. Cameron is a Lieutenant with the San Francisco Fire Department and has seen his share of horrifying and traumatic accidents. He has always prided himself on being strong enough to withstand anything the job requires, both physically and mentally. When Cameron sees a boy who died in a car accident, the boy’s eyes remind him of Jake and his mental health starts to rapidly decline.

Jake has just gotten a promotion and plans to propose to Cameron on their tenth anniversary. One night changes everything when Cameron can no longer look Jake in the eye and becomes withdrawn and defensive. Cameron refuses to talk to Jake about what happened and their perfect life begins to rapidly unravel. When heated arguments and lack of trust push the men further apart, Cameron’s actions combined with Jake’s inability to let go of his own past may be what finally ends their relationship forever.

This is a rough story of a seemingly perfect relationship breaking down and breaking apart. It’s has a different flow than many books in the genre as Jake and Cameron have a solid relationship and are already completely committed to each other. With only minimal back story to their relationship, the author does an excellent job of showing how these men complete each other and how in love they are.

The accident in question happens early on in the book and the men are thrown into a downward cycle of Cameron’s PTSD, depression, nightmares, and paranoia. He is convinced something will happen to Jake, yet he can’t talk to Jake and he can’t even bear to look at him. Jake has no idea what is going on and for every attempt he makes to comfort or talk to Cameron, he is met with resistance.

Jake has his own past issues he has tried to block out. These issues come out slowly and at first it could seem that perhaps Jake didn’t try hard enough and abandoned Cameron when he needed him most. For me, Jones was able to show both points of view and Jake’s reactions were genuine to his character. And, for as perfect as their life seemed, the men did not share all aspects of themselves and there were areas of poor communication that contributed to them coming apart. The story is highly character driven as the men search for a way back to each other and has heavy overtones all the way through. But the love Cameron and Jake have for each other clearly shines through as well.

While I did appreciate the dual POV, the men did have a similar voice that tended to overlap each other at times. There were also several times that the same description was used for both men, which made for repetitive phrasing. They were fairly minor issues overall, but worth a mention.

Out of the Blue is a well written story that compelled me to keep reading. It set a realistic tone of a couple that seemed to have it all working through real life issues and coming out on the other side.

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