out of the rainRating: 4 stars
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Length: Short Story

Mitch is a good guy who helps out his neighbors, so when he gets a call from an elderly woman down the street that there is a man lurking in her backyard, he is quick to come to her aid. Mitch finds Elijah drunk and crying in the pouring rain, having just been tossed out by his family. Elijah is in no shape to go anywhere, so Mitch takes him home for the night to sleep it off. He is attracted to Elijah, but the man is much younger, not to mention in a bad place emotionally. Mitch doesn’t think there can be anything between them, but he is determined to help Elijah out, letting him stay while he gets himself sorted out. Elijah definitely shares the attraction, however, and has no qualms about the age difference. Now Mitch and Elijah must figure out if there can be something real between them, despite their age gap and rocky start.

I am a HUGE Renae Kaye fan so I was excited to see she had released this short story. I loved the set up here, with Mitch finding Elijah in his neighbor’s yard and taking him in. We get such a good sense of the type of man Mitch is here, as we see him not just helping out his neighbor, but also the way he takes care of Elijah. I love a good age difference story and I think that plays well here. We see Mitch’s insecurities about what a young, hot guy like Elijah would want in an older, not quite as fit guy like him. But we also see what 15 years more sexual experience can do for a guy, and I loved the little touch about how Mitch can teach Elijah in bed.

This is a pretty short story and I did feel the relationship end of things gets rushed here. We get a great setup and development of the first couple of days together, but the falling for each other part isn’t given much page time. I wished for a bit more depth in the emotional end, given the strong feelings these guys have for one another by the end of the story.

Overall I found this an enjoyable short story with a lot of Kaye’s trademark wit and a nice mix of sweet and sexy.

P.S. I just want to point out that while the cover does show a guy in the rain, it also gives the impression of bondage or BDSM, which is not something that is in the book at all. It also doesn’t really match the physical description of Elijah, fwiw.

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