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Length: Novel

Saving Faithless Creek by Andrew Grey is a novel about coming home and putting the demons of the past to rest once and for all. Blair Montague left Newton, Montana as a high-schooler—run out of town by bullies who stripped him of every piece of strength he had. When his tyrant of a father sends him back to close a deal to gain land for beef ranching, every nightmare that chased Blair away ten years before comes rushing back, including the man who was the bully that starred in every horrid memory.

Royal Masters was once a closeted fearful boy who had a secret crush on the very boy he unmercifully bullied—Blair Montague. Now these two men will meet face to face to negotiate a land deal, but much has changed in those passing years. Blair can stand up for himself, proud and out, while Royal has a deep secret that threatens to tear him apart. Home from a tour in Afghanistan with the marines, he now runs a floundering cattle ranch and the money Blair is offering may be his redemption. As these two negotiate, more than land is at stake for new feelings are rising and now Royal must prove he is no longer the bad boy he once was if he is to convince Blair to take a chance on the two of them.

Andrew Grey paints gorgeous word pictures of beautiful lands and he does so once again in this novel. Wide vistas surrounded by his poetic phrasing create the setting for this love story that had such depth and strength to it. More than just two former foes coming together, Blair and Royal must both come to terms with putting the past away, asking forgiveness, and choosing to move on. Tangled up in this already richly layered plot is the idea that being gay is not something we choose, but rather that to which we are born and, as such, there can be nothing wrong with how we are made. No shame, no hiding is the overarching theme in this detailed novel, along with the idea that the past can hold us until we strangle on it if we choose not to forgive and move on.

Saving Faithless Creek is a sweet romance and a journey of self-discovery. Both men must seek to see the good in the other, and truly learn to communicate their needs in order to make their love work and survive. This is a beautiful story and one fans of this author will not want to miss.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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