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Titus McGinty sees dead people. Every day. Everywhere. And worse, he’s able to communicate with them. He considers it more of a curse than a gift. Titus spends his days avoiding the ghosts, going as far as warding his home and the coffee shop he owns. Titus has a quiet, loner life. When the same five ghosts show up over and over again, Titus finally gives in and calls on the one person who shunned him from his family to begin with.

Detective Charlie Hale only wanted quiet and coffee. Instead he met Titus, the man who turned his world upside down. A tentative friendship becomes more when Titus is the witness to a crime and ends up on the police department’s radar. Charlie is convinced Titus is innocent and their friendship turns into something more. Something Charlie’s not sure he’s ready for. Especially since the closet is his most comfortable space.

But when Titus needs him, Charlie is there in more ways than one. Both men find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation that leads them on the hunt for a killer who is an expert at not being found.

I love this author. Have since I fell for the Coming About series. This book is nothing like those, yet it’s wonderful in its own right.

Here’s what I loved so much about this one.

  • The ghost story. A real, honest-to-gods ghost story with spirits that haunt and scare the crap out of you and have horrible ends to their lives. At times it’s both creepy and terrifying—and completely wonderful.
  • The mystery. In this book, we have a homicide detective, a gifted man (who hates his gift), and a serial killer on the loose. Throughout the story, no matter what’s going on, the mystery never loses its power and intrigue.
  • The romance. I loved the progression between Titus and Charlie. It was natural and fun. Not to mention tense at times, but warm. Charlie especially found himself with Titus’s help.
  • The guys. Because… yeah. I loved their attraction and heat. Titus with his secrets and spunk, and Charlie with his closet and protectiveness. They fit so well together.
  • This lady is a pill! Stuck in the old ways but still drops it all to help the grandson she supposedly despises. She says exactly what she thinks without regret. She’s kind of my hero in that way.

So while I loved most everything about this book there were only a couple things I had issues with.

  • While I liked him as a whole, I couldn’t help but wish Charlie wasn’t the stereotypical closet-case cop. I wanted more of that.
  • Coming out – I had some confusion as to when and how Charlie actually did it. Was the scene in the morgue, the question, actually a joke like Titus eluded to later, or was it the real thing? Either way, I was a bit confused by that.
  • Resolution with Hester. I feel like this plotline could have used some attention. While I loved both Hester and Titus, I feel like their relationship fell through the cracks when it could have been so powerful and added a whole new layer to the story.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story and am hoping that my issues with the story will be abated in the next book. Because the way this story ends, I’m pretty sure there will be a sequel. One I look forward to very much.


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