The omega and the three bearsRating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Novel

Brent is an omega wolf, and though highly prized and cared for in other packs, his pack has done nothing but abuse him. He has escaped and is on the run for his life when the car he’s stolen breaks down. Brent knows he has to keep moving or he’ll get caught, and if he’s caught he’ll be forced back to his alpha’s pack and tortured. Just as his pursuers catch up, Brent makes it to a den of bear shifters. Surprisingly, they take Brent in and help him out, and the enforcers after Brent have no choice but to leave.

Big Jim is in charge, though bear shifters don’t have that kind of hierarchy. He offers Brent a place to stay, and when Brent admits to his true nature, Jim offers his protection as well. Brent finds himself with a comfortable place to sleep and the attention of Jim, though the big bear seems reluctant to do anything about it.

Sweet young bear Jessie has no such qualms. He’s attracted to Brent and, since he’s never been with anyone before, is willing to let the caring Brent help him out. Brent’s role as an omega often includes sex, and some of his natural essence makes it so he’s particularly apt at soothing riled pack members. The ability works on bears too, it seems, and Jessie and Brent begin a relationship. But Jim still has one eye on Brent and the flirtatious and adorable Pike makes his interest known as well.

With trouble brewing, the bears circle around Brent. But when it all fizzles out and nothing happens like they expect, they think they are safe. With the tension broken, all four men experience a sexy, wonderful night together, seeing to Brent’s pleasure and their own. But when Brent’s trouble comes back, Brent thinks his life has ended. He knows he’ll be tortured and probably killed. But the bears aren’t going to allow that to happen.

Okay, I admit to completely mixed feelings about this book. There were some parts that were so very well done that I thought there I was going to fall head over heels in love with this book. And then…well, then there were other sections of this book where things fell apart pretty hard and that lowered my rating.

I thoroughly and completely adored Brent. He’s got a backbone and a good head on his shoulders, but he’s sweet and loving, caring and conscientious, and really just and all around good guy. He’s very easy to relate to and just so dang likeable. And since he’s our narrator, that’s a very good thing. In fact, all the characters were really well drawn. Jim, Jessie, and Pike all had their distinctive personalities and each brought something important to the plot and the tentative, interesting relationship. While most of the romance and sex side of things are between Jessie and Brent, the addition of Jim and Pike make it stronger. I thought that whole part was really well done. The sex was really well done, both smoking hot and heartfelt at the same time.

The other thing that I really liked, and in fact, appreciated quite a bit, was the explanation of Brent’s role as omega. So often, we see the omega portrayed as weak and useless, or the pack whore, or horribly abused. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some horrors visited upon Brent, but Brent makes it clear that it’s his alpha that’s in the wrong, and the omegas, as a whole are revered and treated well. Moreover, the omega is supposed to be the pack counselor and mediator, the one who keeps the pack happy and healthy and whole. And yes, Brent used sex sometimes in his role, but that wasn’t all it was about. I loved this take on it, and that Brent did his best do to those things even with his abusive alpha destroying his pack.

But oh, the rest of it? Well, the plot had holes big enough to drive a truck through, though some could be forgiven easily. Jim seems like a pretty smart guy, so I couldn’t understand why he would stand down so easily when it appeared the threat was not going to happen. Why was Jessie affected by Brent’s abilities, and took some of them on, but not Jim or Pike? There were other things I’m not going to dissect here, but any one of them would be forgiveable. Piled up together was a little less so. And I’m sad to say that I do have to mention the typos. I’m pretty forgiving when it comes to that, and I’ll overlook them nine times out of ten. But when there’s enough that I started counting and mentally announcing, “there’s another one” then it’s something I have to put out there.

So okay, yes. Obviously I had a few issues with the book. But there were also things that I absolutely adored. I think I’m going to have to leave this one in your hands. If it sounds like something you’d like, then I’d encourage you to give it a go. Just be prepared to do a fair bit of looking the other way. Brent and his sexy bears almost make it worth it.

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