Today I am so pleased to welcome Grace R. Duncan to Joyfully Jay. Grace has come to talk to us about her latest release, Turning His Life Around.  She is sharing part of a short story that is running through her tour, and we got the dirty part (so beware this is NSFW and 18+). She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving Grace a big welcome!

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Hello and welcome back to the Turning His Life Around blog tour! I am doing something a little different with this tour and, I’ve put together a running short story. This story happens a couple of years before Turning takes place, when Ian is learning he’s in love with Kane but hasn’t quite accepted what all that means for him yet, since Kane doesn’t return that love.

The story goes for all nine tour stops! You can start it at Charley Descoteaux’s blog and follow the rest of the tour from the link at the bottom.

Be sure to catch each one because everyone who reads all nine and can answer a scavenger hunt questionnaire based on the story will be entered to win $25 a Dreamspinner Press!

turning tour imageKane swallowed, tried to nod, but couldn’t and instead forced the words through his lips. “Yes… please…”

Ian groaned and pulled back then thrust hard.

“FUCK!” Kane shouted, his head rolling a bit from side to side and Ian’s hand tightened in the spikes.

The reaction nearly caused Ian to lose his mind. It took a supreme effort to keep his wits about him but he managed, though it was close. “That’s right. Fuck. I’m fucking you, and you’re going to feel it, take it, and when I’m ready, I’ll let you come.”

Kane moaned, tried to nod again, but gave up and Ian saw him grip the sheets tighter, instead. Giving up his restraint, he started thrusting, pumping into Kane’s amazing tight heat. Kane met each movement, hips rolling, muscles gripping him.

Ian thought he was going to go insane, it felt so fucking good. He fucked Kane hard, not hesitating to nearly pound into his friend’s ass, the slap of skin on skin loud in the quiet room. Kane braced himself on the headboard, arching his back a little harder and the new angle almost had Ian’s eyes rolling into the back of his head.

After everything, all the stimulation, the night of arousal and grinding, the spanking and the control, Ian couldn’t last. It was all just too much.

Ian held onto it just barely as he curled over Kane’s back. “Take that cock into your hand and stroke it, but do not come yet.”

Kane managed a grunt in reply and shifted enough to obey. A thrill shot through Ian when he did, and Kane turned his head at a sound Ian let out. The look on Kane’s face was amazing. He looked like he was… lost… to the pleasure.

Ian’s heart thudded in his chest at the idea that he’d been the one to do that, put that there. He’d given pleasure before, that was true. But this seemed different, fuller, somehow, more directly from him. He forced himself to push it all aside to think about and figure out later. He turned his attention to giving in to what his body was demanding, what he knew Kane was damned near desperate for by now. “Your ass is so tight, so hot, gonna make me come. Do you want to come?”

Kane let out what could only be called a whimper. He nodded his head again as much as he could with the grip Ian still had on his hair. Ian nipped at Kane’s shoulder, then spoke again. “Good…” he paused, listened for a few seconds to the whimper bordering on whine and then growled, “Come,” into his friend’s ear.

“Fuck… oh fuck… oh…!” Kane bit his lip almost brutally, his eyes slammed closed and Ian felt the orgasm hit in a way he rarely did. Kane shuddered hard, his muscles clamped down around Ian’s cock, and muffled grunts escaped around the bitten flesh.

Ian couldn’t have held on through that for anything. He kept his eyes open to watch the last of Kane’s climax as his own tore through him. He thrust hard once more, burying himself balls deep in Kane’s ass and gritted his teeth to keep the shout locked down. The pleasure screamed through him, yanking the cum from his balls, along his length, and into the condom.

When it finally faded, he nearly collapsed onto Kane’s back and belatedly remembered to let go of the spikes. He mumbled a slurred attempt at “sorry” but couldn’t manage any more than that. It took a near Herculean effort to ease from Kane’s body rather than pull roughly, then he fell to his side, sucking in air in great gulps.

Kane rolled, lying on his side, facing Ian. He didn’t speak for a couple of moments. When he did, all the he managed was, “Holy… fuck… I… that was… I mean… You… I…” Kane gave up, shaking his head.

Ian chuckled, feeling more relieved than he could have explained in that second. “I take it you liked that?”

Kane scowled and Ian blinked at him. “How can you be so coherent?”

Ian grinned. “Because I was the one that fucked your brains out.”

Kane barked a hoarse laugh. “Point.” He closed his eyes and threw and arm over his face for a long moment. Ian was glad; he took the time to let his eyes trace freely what he could of Kane’s face. God, he loved this man. “We’ll have to talk about this. That was… something.”

Ian swallowed as butterflies sprouted and rioted around his insides. He noticed that Kane hadn’t said what kind of something it was. “Okay,” he said carefully.

Kane moved his arm and looked over. “It was fuckin’ awesome. But I’ve got a few questions.”

“Oh,” Ian managed, blinking. “Okay.”

Kane nodded, sighed. “Come on, let’s get settled. I’m gonna pass out any minute.”

“Yeah, yeah. Lazy ass.” Ian grinned and moved to sit up.

Kane snorted. “You just fucked my brains out, remember?”

Ian laughed. “Point,” he agreed, taking care of the condom. They settled in under the covers and Ian was surprised to find himself with his arms full of his best friend. Kane leaned up and caught Ian’s lips in a long, slow kiss. Ian was too stunned by it to say anything and when his brain finally settled, Kane’s breathing was already evening out. He left a soft kiss on his friend’s temple before closing his own eyes. He was asleep before he knew it.


Turning His Life Around by Grace R. DuncanCan Kane recognize what’s right in front of him before he loses everything?

When Kane Harris’s world turns upside down, his lifelong best friend is the only one to catch him.

Years ago, Ian Kelly accepted Kane would never return his love, since he knows Kane believes he’s incapable of it. Ian is willing to settle for what he can get—a best friend, sometimes casual lover, and occasional submissive. He’s learned he can’t live without Kane, but he can’t let Kane know. Because when, not if, Kane confirms that Ian’s love will never be returned, Ian won’t be able to take it. But when Kane loses his job and asks Ian to step up their play to help him deal, Ian’s ability to hide his feelings falters. Then Kane starts his own computer security firm and asks Ian to join him, and Ian struggles further.

It’s not until they visit the exclusive BDSM club the Iron Door that things come to a head. Kane screws up big time, and he’s afraid he can’t fix it. He’s sure he’ll lose his best friend, his Dom, his everything… forever.

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Grace Duncan bioGrace Duncan grew up with a wild imagination.  She told stories from an early age – many of which got her into trouble.  Eventually, she learned to channel that imagination into less troublesome areas, including fanfiction, which is what has led her to writing male/male erotica.

A gypsy in her own right, Grace has lived all over the United States.  She has currently set up camp in East Texas with her husband and children – both the human and furry kind.

As one of those rare creatures who loves research, Grace can get lost for hours on the internet, reading up on any number of strange and different topics.  She can also be found writing fanfiction, reading fantasy, crime, suspense, romance and other erotica or even dabbling in art.

Find Grace here:

Website  | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Goodreads


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