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Teddy and Jefferson are like oil and vinegar…very difficult to get them to mix, but once they do, it makes for a decent dressing. Teddy is a flamboyant gay college student who has no problems wearing women’s robes or painting his manicured nails brilliant blue to match the school colors. Jefferson is the college soccer star…the straight soccer star. The only thing they have in common is their love for their best friends Noelani and Emmett, who happen to be dating each other. When their besties decide to buy a house together, Teddy and Jefferson move in to help them pay the mortgage and end up sharing a bathroom together. The sparks begin to fly as the two of them begin fighting with one another. When Noelani’s ex-fiancé appears, Teddy and Jefferson have to learn to join forces to stand by their friends. When the ex-fiancé reveals the true reason for his return, everything turns topsy-turvy. Can Teddy and Jefferson’s new alliance be strong enough to save the day?

This story is a romantic comedy with an emphasis on comedy. Teddy is an over the top drama queen with a quick wit and a fiery temper to match his hair. Most of the time that temper is directed at Jefferson, the jock with a smoking hot body. While Jefferson is trying to keep the peace, Teddy manages to get under his skin at every turn.

The secondary characters, Noelani and Emmett, are front and center throughout the entire book. Noelani was engaged to Emmett’s best friend. When the fiancé took off, Emmett stepped in. Now that the fiancé is returning, Emmett suggests that the two of them get married. At times I felt that their story was overshadowing Teddy and Jefferson’s, but, on the other hand, I welcomed the change of pace because Teddy was really hard to take in large doses.

I usually love flamboyant characters, but there is a difference between being a drama queen and being the class clown. There was just something about Teddy that made it hard to like him. At times his actions were juvenile, which I suppose were there to fuel the over the top comedic scenes. I felt as if his character was just one dimensional and we only got to see the annoying side of him.

Jefferson, on the other hand, was a much more likeable character. Though he considers himself straight, he struggles with finding Teddy attractive. Ever the stereotypical jock, he struggles to say the right thing and usually whatever comes out of his mouth comes out the wrong way whenever he is around Teddy.

With the sparks flying from the very start, there is definitely something burning between these pages. Whether it is the masturbation competition, or the public kissing scene, or the rubbing off in the tent, or the burning of the sheets, these two characters have chemistry between them that defies their dislike for one another.

Overall, this book was a fun and sexy read. For me, it conjured up memories of watching Lucy and Ethel shenanigans. Not a whole lot of substance, but a whole lot of tickling of your funny bone. Add in some smoking hot sex scenes and you’ve got a book that allows you to escape.

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