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Length: Novella 

Quinn is a Miami SWAT officer who has been shot on the job. He is stuck at home recuperating, bored and annoyed and mostly wanting to be alone. Though sitting at home definitely makes Quinn realize how much of his life has been about his demanding job.

Spencer lives next door to Quinn and has certainly noticed his gorgeous neighbor, but despite crossing paths many times, Spencer is pretty sure Quinn has no idea who he is. When he sees Quinn struggling with his big leg brace, however, Spencer is determined to help and at least befriend his neighbor, even if he doesn’t think Quinn would be interested in a geek like him.

After an awkward first meeting, Spencer pushes ahead, determined to help out Quinn even when he is on the grumpy side. Spencer begins to stop by to keep Quinn company, bring food and treats, and to help him around the house. The guys soon begin hanging out together every day, eating together and watching TV. They still must navigate Quinn’s huge family ready to proclaim them boyfriends, and Quinn’s jerky friend making things rough for Spencer. But as a friendship builds and an attraction grows, it seems like there could be more here between them after all.

Beware of Geeks Bearing Gifts is an adorably sweet story with a great “meet cute” and some fun humor that makes it a really endearing book. Quinn is a gorgeous hunky SWAT officer with an 8-pack and Spencer is a skinny, geeky computer guy who likes to bake. They seem like they could have nothing in common, but yet somehow they find a strong connection. I loved watching them get to know one another and see Quinn’s walls come down in the force of Spencer’s determination to be there for him, despite the embarrassing start to their friendship. I also liked that despite the fact that Quinn would seem the outwardly dominant one, Spencer is the one who really takes the lead on the relationship and moves things forward between them. Quinn’s big Cuban family is sweet and fun and I loved seeing them take Spencer into their arms and welcome him to the family.

The only thing that didn’t totally work for me here is the ending. There is conflict with one of Quinn’s friends and I felt like it just didn’t completely come together for me. I never really understood whether Quinn likes this guy or whether he just hung out with him because he tolerated Quinn being gay. Quinn doesn’t seem to like him at all, but also refers to him as a friend and gives him more chances even when rude to Spencer. But the bigger issue is that I didn’t understand this guy at all. Is he just a clueless idiot who has no idea he is jerk? That is kind of what Quinn seems to assume. Or is he intentionally provoking Spencer and even being cruel to him, which is how it reads to me? Either way, I felt like I wanted some clarity into his relationship with Quinn and his motivations in order to make this ending work. I also felt Spencer’s subsequent concerns that he could never fit in as the geek with the hunk felt kind of out of extreme at this point in their relationship considering besides this jerky guy, no one ever really brings this up as an issue. Despite Spencer’s initial fears about approaching Quinn (which I think most people have meeting a new potential love interest), he seems confident and comfortable the rest of the time, so this seemed hard to understand.

Despite my issues with the ending however, I really enjoyed this one. The characters are sweet and fun and I love a good opposites attract. I loved the dynamic of the geeky hero who is confident enough to push past the anxiety and determined to befriend his gorgeous neighbor in need. I enjoyed the playfulness and humor here, and the sweet relationship Quinn has with his family. So overall this is a adorable, fun book that is a nice easy read and definitely worth checking out, especially if you are looking for a quick pick me up story.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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