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This is the story of how Craig and Alex fell in love. Craig manages a bakery and goes to the pub on the same night each week. Craig has a big heart, has friends, and finds men when he needs to. His life is good, if not routine. On one of his routine pub nights, Craig meets Alex.

Alex is looking to drown his sadness in a line of shots. The man sitting next to him is not his usual type, but it’s hard to resist a man that carries freshly baked cookies in his pockets and invites him home for tea. Both men only offer one night, as casual is what they both do. When morning comes and Craig is making Alex pancakes, Alex tries to grasp, “Where his evening went so very wrong/right/frightening/amazing.” The connection is irrefutable, but Alex has no intention of letting anyone in again after his last disaster of a relationship. The men continue to see each other, but they are just having fun and having amazing sex, because Alex and Craig are definitely not in a relationship, except, they so are.

Definitely, Maybe, Yours is the title of this book and maybe is the word that gets played up. Maybe these guys can have more than one night. Maybe they can belong to each other. Maybe Alex will let Craig in just a little. Here are two guys who refuse to believe they can be in a relationship although for different reasons.

Craig is the nurturing Englishman and while he has had past relationships, he just hasn’t found the one and he’s really not looking all that hard. Craig is more open to his feelings about Alex but knows there is something going on with Alex that could easily scare him off. Alex is a little more of a mystery at first. Just when you think there is not a lot going on with Alex or with the story in general, there are layers of emotion and hurt just waiting back there behind the scenes.

We see both men talking to friends about how they are definitely not (okay, maybe) falling in love. This is a classic example of their thought process, “You could fall in love in a moment like this. You could be in love in a moment like this. …That’s not supposed to happen. It’s not, was never supposed to happen. Has it happened?” There are times that it seems that not much is happening, but I was still connected to their story.

The book has a roster of secondary characters and it illuminates the small world of interconnected friends. Some of these interactions felt unnecessary with Alex’s cousin having a drunken breakdown about his relationship with Craig and Craig’s boss offering one sentence of confusing information about herself that left me with a whole lot of questions and was not particularly relevant to the story. And when we finally get a little more about Alex, it is at first filtered through his friends. My feeling was that some of these areas with secondary characters could have been streamlined.

The style of this book is descriptive and there is a lot of inner dialog with a lot of words without a lot of forward motion at times. When done right, I can easily gravitate towards this style. There were times, however, that this style detracted from the book as parts of the story felt far away. These guys though are smoldering together and Craig certainly knows how to raise the sensuality and heat levels. They have great banter together and some entertaining lines. The good parts of this story are so very good and it all goes back to the first sentence above. This is the story of how Craig and Alex fell in love.

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