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“Because my darling boy, everyone has at least one fantasy about a man in a kilt and I don’t think we exhausted all yours the other night.”

If you guys know me even a little bit, you know that I am a kilt girl. Whenever, wherever, however—I love a man in a kilt. So this anthology was practically crafted for me.


Tossing It by Rob Rosen is a cute story about to school acquaintances who happen to run into each other at an out of the way Scottish festival, then meet up with a caber tosser who sets their already simmering attraction into overdrive.

I liked this story well enough. It’s a short and steamy piece that I wouldn’t have minded more of. Also, kilts. 4 stars


Whiskey and Want by Megan McFerran—Hello, hotness! With this story, from a completely new-to-me author, I fell in love with two southern men at a bachelor party. Dressed in a kilt for his best friend, Andrew finds out just how attractive a “man in a skirt” can be.

Just… I love stories like this. Instant attraction. Cute innuendo. Steamy, sweaty, outdoor sex. I want, want, want more of these guys. 4.5 stars


Hunting for a Highlander by Lila Mathews is a historical about a highland hunting party. Aleck has always had eyes for Kendrick. He never dreamed Kendrick would have eyes for him as well.

This one was just okay. Maybe it’s because historicals aren’t my thing, but I don’t think so. It felt too simple and unexplained to me, while a good bit was unbelievable without more explanation. 3.5 stars


Sir WW by Angelique Voisen is a steamy paranormal BDSM about a time-traveling vampire and the mysterious Scotsman he refers to as Sir WW. They meet on the sly at an out of the way inn for their many trysts, while tension and suffering happen outside the four walls of their room.

I like this one a lot, though I’m overly confused at the “Sir WW” thing. I wonder if the author was trying to mask the character as a “real life” possible Scottish hero. Maybe if I knew more about Scottish history, this would have made more sense. Outside of that, I think the story could have added value if it were expanded to show more of the vampire and time traveling aspects. But all in all, it was a completely sexy kilted story. 4 stars


Feumaidh Mi Ruith by Missouri Dalton is the story of a thief and the man he stole from. Cary never expected to be tracked and caught, much less made to help find an item he stole long ago, but the more time he spends with the mysterious Marcas, the more Cary wonders why he’s running from Marcas not staying at his side.

This has been the most interesting story yet. While I like the thief and good guy routine, it took me a while to catch onto the paranormal aspects of the story. And even then, they were glossed over so I wondered if maybe I thought the psy-ability type paranormal stuff was only in my imagination. While the mystery part of the story is spot on and the beginning of a romance is sweet, the paranormal was sorely lacking. I would have liked more. Although now, I’m interested in reading Night Shift (one of the author’s earlier works.) 3.75 stars


Some Like it Scot by Julia Talbot is a cute little friends to lovers tale of quiet Riley who doesn’t flaunt his Scottish heritage, a fact that is made clear as he trudges through the throngs of kilted crowds on National Tartan Day. After some teasing by his friend Jeremy, Riley finally gives in and joins Jeremy for a game of rugby. When Riley ends up hurt, Jeremy nurses him back to health and the spark between them turns into a raging fire.

This story is adorable, if a little short. I would have definitely liked more of Jeremy and Riley. The friends to lovers trope is well thought out and executed. The addition of the kilt… well, that only makes it better. Riley and Jeremy are both winners here. 4 stars


A Time to Heal by Anna Mansel is the story of Conall, a Highland warrior, who finds himself and his best friend, Blair, in the care of an angel after a battle that ended in tragedy. When Conall finds out Eoghann, the angel who’s actually a healer, is from an enemy clan, his first thought is to leave but he can barely move and Blair is on the verge of death. The only way to save Blair is to cross enemy lines. Conall keeps having strange dream of a man and that man’s death. In the hands of an angel, Conall fights his feelings until he can’t and finds himself caught up in a world of magic and hate and love.

You guys, this story is the best of the bunch. I know. I know. You heard correctly, I just said a historical piece is my favorite, but y’all have no idea. This one is everything that I see when I close my eyes and think highlander. The thrill, the passion, the kilts. The magic. There’s angst and anger and beauty. The characters are well built and the world vivid. I want more. This is my first time to read Anna Mansel, but I hope it is not my last. And I truly hope Conall and Eoghann’s story continues someday. Fabulous. 5 stars


As Fair Art Thou, My Bonny Lad by McKay is a sweet tale of forbidden love in the colonial period. Adie Gilchrist was bewitched by the newcomer the first time he saw him. After Niall McAllister proves to be of the same inclination, Adie falls fast. Then the grippe hits and tries to take Niall with him. Adie makes the only decision he can, even if it costs him everything.

I actually liked this one, but I felt like it was missing so much. There is a lot of time we are told of that Adie and Niall spend together falling in love but we don’t really see it. I was disappointed by that. Then the ending… I think I would have liked to see how they actually pulled it off. 3.75 stars


Kilt in the Closet by Logan Zachary is the ghost story of the bunch. When Jeff bought his house, he’d been told that some had died there, but not how. After his nephew is convinced he saw ghost wearing a skirt in the closet, Jeff goes on the hunt for the history of the house and happens across Nathan—former resident of Jeff’s house and the ghost man’s son. Together, Jeff and Nathan go ghost hunting and find more than they expected.

The basis of this story is good, but there are several things that just didn’t work for me here. To begin with, the strange wet dream Jeff had with his nephew in the same bed. The squick factor for that alone had me cringing. Also, the coincidences in this short are staggering. Looking for a ghost? Just go to your realtor. His son happens to work there. Need a killer? Well, I’m not gonna tell you that one, just because that would be mean. But you get my drift. As for Jeff’s dream of the kilted man, I don’t feel like it added anything to the story other than a man in a kilt (because that’s always man candy in my book), but it didn’t lead to anything. Overall, this is probably the story I liked least of the bunch. 1.5 stars


Perfect Working Order by Elizabeth Coldwell is another steamy friends-to-lovers story with a bi-sexual/OFY twist. Gary and Miles have been friends since university. Miles has known Gary was gay since forever, but Gary never told him that he’s been in love with Miles that long as well. When Miles and his Scottish rugby team wander into town, Gary and Miles meet up and Miles shares a secret with Gary he’s never told anyone else.

Oh guys. This story hits all of my favorite tropes and kilts. It’s sweet and sexy and yum. The characters are sexy with a hint of tension. The almost factor and what-if factors that tempt this story and these characters are what makes this story so appealing. I love it. The only bad thing is that there isn’t more of it. 4.75 stars


Off-Kilter by Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae – Eric’s role at the Scottish dancing class was to help hook up his best friend Amara with her lady love, but alas, when Eric laid eyes on Rob, he was lost. All he could think of was Rob. When Eric follows the dance troop to a Scottish festival, Eric walks the line between flattery and stalkery, but maybe he’ll come out the winner.

This one was just okay. There’s nothing spectacular about it, but nothing bad about it either. It just is. Maybe if there could have been more story and relationship building between Eric and Rob, I would have been more invested, but as it was I could have taken it or left it. 3 stars


Overall this anthology has a little bit of something for everyone. It’s sweet and sexy and sometimes raunchy. But it’s all about the kilt and for that, I will always look to this anthology.

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