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Length: Novella

Adrian hates parties, but he’s at one anyway because his mother is always nagging him to get out more and because he was invited. But Adrian’s overwhelmed and hating it and escapes to the bathroom. When Oliver finds him there, Adrian is kind of miffed. But he allows Oliver to lead him to a quiet bedroom to drink anyway, and then lets Oliver coax him into having sex. A few days later, they meet up again in class, and Oliver insists that they go get tested together, even though they know that they are both STD free.

A few days later, Adrian attends a concert and finds Oliver incredibly drunk and almost completely unaware. Adrian can’t leave Oliver to his own, so he takes Oliver to his place. When they wake in the morning, they have sex again, and begin to see another side of each other. When they finally come clean with each other about their secrets, they really begin to see that even though they may be opposites, a relationship between them just might work.

Okay, so here’s the thing. I picked up this book because the blurb sounded interesting and engaging. But the truth is, the story didn’t deliver. My biggest problem was that the characters weren’t fleshed out enough for me to get attached to them, or to really feel much at all for them.

Adrian has issues about which I can absolutely relate, and I think that this part was handled really well. I could definitely understand where he was coming from and felt what he was feeling. But that was basically the only thing I could relate to. I couldn’t quite understand how a guy who admits that he’d never really been interested in anyone at all could fall into bed so easily with another guy, alcohol or no.

Oliver came off as smarmy and almost callous at times, and I didn’t feel or see the vulnerability that the author was going for. Instead, the moment that should have shown that to me seemed instead incongruous with the rest of his character. It was tough for me to reconcile his two personalities, and I really didn’t feel the connection.

Their connection to each other was also sadly lacking. There was a tiny spark, but it never caught fire, and for me, the chemistry between them just wasn’t there. After that first night, I just couldn’t understand why they didn’t go their separate ways. There wasn’t enough for me to believe they would have sought each other out again. I think ultimately the story suffered because of its shorter length. It’s a fairly short novella, and I think perhaps, if there had been just a bit more fleshing out of the characters, then I could have found it more believable.

In the end, this was an interesting premise, which almost worked but in the end, missed the mark for me. There wasn’t enough character building to make it completely work for me, and what was lacking stood out more than what was there.

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