Resist: Gavin (Spheres of Irony #3)Rating: 4.75 stars
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Gavin Walker is the bass player for the multi-platinum selling band, Sphere of Irony. Gavin’s life revolves around surfing, playing music, and getting laid. Despite hiding his sexuality in order to sell more records, a stalker has begun targeting Gavin for his sexuality. As the stalker becomes bolder and more dangerous, Gavin’s manager decides to bring in an expert to trap the stalker before he or she gets too close to Gavin.

Mitch Hale is a former FBI agent who tracked serial killers before quitting his job and moving across country to open his own security company in Los Angeles after an incident with a co-worker. When his current girlfriend dumps him for failing to perform, Mitch reluctantly takes the job babysitting the rock star who forces him to confront his own sexuality.

The two must put aside their bickering with one another in order to draw the stalker out. Joining forces, Mitch poses as Gavin’s boyfriend as Gavin comes out in a big way. Can Gavin and Mitch stop fighting long enough to stop the stalker before someone gets hurt? Or, will they continue to resist their feelings towards one another?

This book is the third in a four book series that focuses on the four band members of Sphere of Irony. Do not despair, though, because this book can be read as a standalone. Not having read the first two books in this series, I didn’t feel as if I was missing anything by not having read them.

Gavin is the epitome of the rock star. He likes surfing, music, and getting laid…and not strictly in that order. Though there have been rumors about his sexuality on the internet, for the most part he’s flown under the radar with the paparazzi. Despite this, his stalker has focused primarily on Gavin’s sexuality in the notes he/she leaves for him.

Gavin’s sexuality has cost him plenty in his short life. Beaten by his father for being gay, he spent time in a psychiatric ward for teenagers when he tried to commit suicide to escape his father’s wrath. Now, as an adult, the band’s record company has convinced him to keep his sexuality a secret in order to sell more records. Despite trying to keep hidden, someone has found out and begins harassing Gavin. As the stalker becomes bolder, his manager insists they bring someone in to help discover the identity of the stalker.

Mitch doesn’t usually take cases such as this, but after another failed relationship with a woman goes down in flames, he reluctantly takes the case. Instantly attracted to the surfer-boy rock star, Mitch finds himself struggling with his own sexuality. Trying to remain professional, he struggles with wanting to throttle Gavin for not taking his safety seriously by hooking up with strangers, and wanting to kiss Gavin for himself.

When Mitch determines that the easiest way to draw the stalker out is for Gavin to publicly come out as a gay man, Mitch steps in to play the role of the boyfriend. When the plan backfires and infuriates the stalker even more, Mitch finds he’s drawn the stalkers attention away from Gavin only to now be the one in danger.

As a suspense/mystery, this storyline had me trying to figure out who the stalker was from the very first chapter. The candidates are endless and keep you guessing until the very end when the stalker is revealed.

As a romance, this rates right up there as one of my favorites! Gavin is so attracted to Mitch that he can’t stand to be in the same room with the “straight” bodyguard because he’s sporting wood just being near him. On the other side, we have Mitch who is struggling with his sexuality and finds himself fascinated by Gavin, yet resisting that attraction both because of his professionalism and because he fears rejection. Forced together as a couple in order to draw the stalker out, Mitch realizes that Gavin does things for him that no woman ever could. Which brings me to the sex scenes….let’s just say that both in and out of bed the sparks are flying! You won’t be disappointed!

The secondary characters are secondary characters. Readers aren’t taken off on tangents that don’t pertain to the main story line or characters. While we meet the other band members, the parents (of both main characters), and the friends of these two men, their role is strictly to enhance the storyline.

Overall, this was one of the best books I’ve read this year! As a new to me author, I was impressed with the writing style so much that I’ve already started reading the other two in the series (both M/F romances). I highly recommend!

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