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Opening Alex is the second book in the Rock Rod Studios series. The books should be read in order and this review may contain spoilers for the first book.

Alex has accepted that he is gay and he also has quickly come to terms that doing porn works just fine for him. He just kinda doesn’t know exactly what to do next.

Hanging out with Peter again is exactly what he does want. When Alex asks Peter if he can watch one of Peter’s fetish porn videos, it opens up a whole new side to Peter for Alex. Alex sees that despite the tatted and pierced exterior, Peter is really looking for a place to belong and Alex is falling fast.

Alex is called back for his second shoot with Andre and this time Alex will be going all the way. He’s excited, he’s nervous, and he wants Peter to watch. While Alex comes undone once again on camera, he can’t take his eyes off of what his performance is doing to Peter.

Opening Alex picks up about one week after the end of the first book, Alex Undone. This is a well written, erotic short that manages to successfully incorporate a casual voice, humor, a sexual awakening, a new relationship, and hot porn scenes all at the same time.

Alex and Peter have the potential to be an awesome couple. I say potential because the book is divided between them hanging out for only the second time and Alex’s new porn career.

I liked both sides to this story. The porn scene features the return of Andre and, while I didn’t care for all of Andre’s word choices (the guys discuss that they thought it was hot, me not so much), the scene excels with Alex’s internal thoughts on fully being with a man for the first time and then Peter’s intense and wickedly hot reaction.

Now this is a short story and I can fully appreciate that and I knew what I was getting into, but it took me about 15 minutes to read. Vargas certainly manages to pack a lot into those minutes, but I was left really wanting more on the relationship end. There were crumbs of information sprinkled around about Peter’s background and it was more than hinted at that there is so much more there. He is an interesting guy and his character and presence were only teased at. Then, the ending was rather abrupt again.

I definitely would give this a chance if you are looking for a heated erotic short with two engaging guys. I will certainly be picking up any future stories with these two as there seems to be so much more story to tell.

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