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Horny and in need of getting laid, Grave Diggers MC member Solo picks up Blue at the bar—no questions, no personal information. The night is hot and just what Solo needs to get his focus back. When a drug dealer threatens the school grounds the Grave Diggers protect, it’s up to Solo to find the asshole and put an end to it. What he doesn’t expect is to run into Blue in the middle of making a deal.

Detective Eric James was undercover when he slept with a Grave Digger. He didn’t expect to see the man who nicknamed him Blue again. Until he did. Eric is determined to find the dealer who put a kid in the hospital by dusting weed. The problem is Eric can’t get away from Solo—physically or emotionally. And when Solo and Eric agree on a mutually beneficial arrangement—fucking and working together to find the drug dealer—Eric finds himself falling into a world he never expected.

Sleeping with a cop would be worse than coming out in the MC, but the more Solo is with Blue, the more he can’t imagine his life without the man. Eric only wants to do what’s right, but when the higher ups pull stops around every corner, Eric gradually realizes he’s not sure what he’s fighting for. And then Solo puts himself in danger and everything Eric wanted and knows flies out the window.

Solo is the first book in Lynne’s Grave Diggers MC series. I am a huge fan of anything motorcycle club/bad boys/smutty romance. I love it. Unfortunately, we don’t see a lot of MC romances that meet my criteria. I’ve become particular. I don’t want my bad boys to see the errors of their ways. They’re sexy for a reason. And I certainly don’t want his love interest to change him. Luckily, Lynne hit all the good points with this book.

Solo is as bad and unrepentant as they come. He is who he is and that’s it. Except for the gay thing, he is open and honest with his brothers, though his best friend knows. I like that he’s badass and growly. I like that Lynne made him hardcore without making him evil. His attraction to Eric throws Solo off his guard and his adjustment puts him in the middle of a situation he never expected, but he never really runs from it.

Eric, on the other hand, knows what he wants and who he is. He’s open and honest with everyone. He doesn’t hide himself or how he feels from anyone, especially Solo. The crux of their problem weighs more in the cop/criminal front than it does in the gay area, even though that still hits pretty hard. I appreciate that the author chose that focus while tagging on Solo’s orientation in a way that is believable and understandable.

The progression of the relationship between Solo and Eric is delicious. I loved that they both had to fight themselves and the odds of everything around them to be together. It’s lovely in a gritty, bad boy way. And it’s seriously hot.

My biggest problem with the story has nothing to do with the romance plot, but with the drug dealing, mystery plot. In the end, there are so many holes and unfinished plot points that I was disappointed with the mystery outcome.

As a bad boy/MC romance, this story is a winner. As a mystery, it could have used a complete resolution. Still I think it was worth my time. So much so that I’m looking forward to the next book.

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