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Kyle Monroe and Ross Jackson have been dancing around their feelings for years. While Ross has always been attracted to his boss, he’s never loved a job and been accepted the way he has at Bodyguards Inc. He won’t do anything to mess that up. Kyle has wanted Ross from day one, but as Ross has become an undeniable asset and friend, Kyle has held back everything he’s felt in turn for not screwing up that friendship.

When Kyle’s old friend calls and asks for help, Kyle finds himself in need of a husband. A fake husband. Trouble is, Bodyguards, Inc. is understaffed, leaving only one option. Kyle is worried about spending time with Ross under the guise of a newlywed couple. He worries for Ross’s safety, but mostly he worries about the close quarters and not spilling his feelings for the one man he can’t get off his mind.

Ross is up for the challenge of working undercover with Kyle, after all, it’s a glorified babysitting position, but the more time they spend with each other, the more Ross is willing to open himself up to Kyle. When the man they are protecting finds himself in trouble so does Ross, and Kyle will stop at nothing to get back the man he loves.

Undercover Lovers is the fourth book in the Bodyguard Inc. series. I have been dying for Kyle and Ross’s story since the very beginning. The tension between them throughout the series has been so delicious. I liked this story if only for the simple fact that Kyle and Ross finally give in and become the couple we all wanted, but it’s not without its issues.

First for the good things: I liked Ross the most. He’s headstrong, but not so independent that he’s willing to overstep his bounds. He’s not an agent, though he is minimally trained. He’s okay with who he is and with letting the rest of the guys go out and do the dangerous things. But he’d pretty much do anything Kyle asked of him. Kyle is the more alpha of the two. I think Ross describes him as “the big strong, I-always-top guy.” And although I like both of them, they are so much alike.

One of my biggest issues with this story is the continued reluctance for both Kyle and Ross. They both acknowledge wanting the other. As Kyle and Ross start to give in to their feelings, they still fight them. And they fight down to the very end. It gets old after a while.

My other issue is with the plot. It’s so predictable and there’s so much I feel was missing. Like the guys after Marcus—I think there were some missed opportunities there and there could have been more danger. This book didn’t match up to the rest on the action and tension level. It simply… was. There’s an oomph missing and that was disappointing.

Overall, I’m beyond happy that Kyle and Ross finally got their story and are in love now, but unfortunately, it fell flat.

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