challenge monthHi everyone! We are just a little over a week from kicking off our September Reader Challenge Month and today I’m here to talk about the good stuff… PRIZES! And you guys, our sponsors have really come through for us and they are fabulous!

First off, if you have no idea what I am talking about, check out this post to learn all about what we have planned for the month. The quick version is that each week in September we have a different reading challenge. The Joyfully Jay gang will be challenging ourselves with a variety of books each week. And you all can play along too. And if you do, you can get entered to win our amazing prizes!

Ok, so first, how do you enter? Well, there are two ways to get giveaway entries:

  1. Comment on a Challenge Month review post: Each week we will be reviewing a bunch of books for the challenge. They will all be marked accordingly with our challenge logo, plus tagged in the little pink box at the end. Leave a relevant comment, and you are entered. Easy! You can enter on each one of the review posts. The number varies per week, but if you comment on each post, you can enter somewhere around 8-10 times depending on the week.
  2. Read a challenge book: You can join us in our reading challenge by reading a book that fits that week’s theme. It can be one of the books we are reading, or a book of your own choice. Each Friday, there will be a wrap up post where you can share info about your book to enter for that week’s giveaway. Reading a challenge book gets you 10 entries. Yep, massive entries if you read along! You will need to leave a mini review on Friday’s post (nothing major, a quick paragraph of your thoughts is more than fine — don’t panic!), then you are entered.

So, if you comment on all the reviews, and do a reading challenge of your own, you can earn up to 20 entries for the week. Easy right? Then, at the end of the  month, we have a grand prize and everyone who earned entries along the way will be added in to the giveaway for the grand prize.

Ok, so what can you win? Well thanks to some very generous sponsorship, we have some awesome prizes. Here they are:

Week 1: New-to-Me Author Challenge (Sponsored by Samhain Publishing)

Ebooks and swag prize pack full of books by authors new to Samhain in 2015, including:

  • Drawing the Devil by Jon Keys
  • Uncovering Ray by Edie Danford
  • Rite of Summer by Tess Bowery
  • Fleur de Nuit by Cat Montmorency
  • Not by Boyfriend by Monica Anderson
  • Cravings Creek by Mel Bossa
  • Dark Economy by M. Keedwell
  • House of the Rising Son by Trepan Rogers

Week 2: TBR Pile Challenge (Sponsored by Dreamspinner Press)

Dreamspinner Press is giving away an iPad Mini filled with all of their summer releases, plus a vintage spiral book rack (without the books)!

ipad mini

dsp bookends

Week 3: Genre Challenge (Sponsored by Less Than Three Press)

Less Than Three is giving away ebook copies all of their September releases, plus a choice of audiobook from their catalog. This includes releases in a wide variety of genres, such as fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, and even horror.

Week 4: Favorites Week (Sponsored by Samhain)

Ebooks and swag prize pack of Samhain fabulous favorites, including:

  • The World as he Sees it by A.M. Arthur
  • The Shepherd and the Solicitor by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon
  • Lonely Hearts by Heidi Cullinan
  • Played! by J.L. Merrow
  • The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by K.J. Charles
  • Song of the Navigator by Astrid Amara
  • Nothing Like Paris by Amy Jo Cousins
  • Deep Desire by Z.A. Maxfield

Grand Prize (Sponsored by Riptide Publishing)

Riptide is giving Advanced Review Copies of 12 of their books that publish in September and beyond! For most of these titles, you will get them well before they are even released, in special paperback format made just for the trades for review (so there are usually only about 10 of each book in this form in existence!). Books include:

  • Bane by Amelia C. Gormley – Releases September 21
  • Rough Road by Vanessa North — Releases September 28
  • Lesson for Sleeping Dogs by Charlie Cochrane — Releases Oct 12
  • Minotaur by J.A. Rock — Releases Oct 19
  • Dead Ringer by Heidi Belleau and Sam Schooler — Releases Oct 26
  • A Fortunate Blizzard by L.C. Chase — Releases Nov 2
  • Tribute: The Complete Series — Releases Nov 2
  • Rebound Remedy by Christine d’Abo – Releases Nov 9
  • Y Negative by Kelly Haworth — Releases Nov 16
  • Blueberry Boys by Vanessa North — Releases Nov 30
  • Winter Oranges by Marie Sexton – Releases Nov 30
  • Subs Club by J.A. Rock – Releases Dec 7

The winner will get all these books shipped at the end of September, so you will get your copies WAY before anyone else gets their hands on them! (International winners: due to high shipping costs, Riptide can’t send paperbacks overseas. International folks will get copies of all of these books in ebook form the Saturday before they are released.)


So that is the list of prizes! Pretty awesome, right? A big thank you to Riptide, Samhain, Dreamspinner and Less Than Three for their generosity! The event will officially kick off on Tuesday, September 1st. Next week I will have the formal kick off post with all the fine print and more details on exactly how to enter. Also, please don’t feel any obligation to buy books. I am sure almost everyone has books that will fit with the challenge topics and I’m not going to be policing you for accuracy. We just want everyone to have fun and encourage folks to pick up some books they may not normally grab.

Hope you guys are as excited as I am!

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